When is it winter?

I feel awful that I haven’t checked in sooner. I did think about it and started writing a post the other day. I try to check in every week. And it annoys me when I don’t manage it. Mostly because my recall isn’t as good as it use to be. And the little anecdotes that are funny and I’d like to share tend to get lost. And yes I do lead a busy life to some extent. I work full time, I look after a toddler and try to squeeze time in with my reading, my TV shows and obviously seeing Brett. But blogging does usually fit in. Just not this week.

Wednesday (18th) was better at work. It’s still so hot it’s like Satan’s asshole. I wish this weather would fuck right off. And no I’m not typical British who moans when it’s cold then moans when it’s warm. I only moan when it’s warm. I love the fall and winter months. Big jumpers. Cozy shoes. Hats. Gloves. Scarves. I love it! Bring on autumn I say!!!!

I booked our next hoseasons holiday. Just for us and Scarlett. It was a low deposit so I thought fuck it and paid it. The trip is about £300 each so not too bad for 7 nights in the cotswold in a 2 bed lodge with a hot tub!!!!

Thursday (19th) was hot. What a surprise! The weekend was getting closer though so I couldn’t complain much.

Friday (20th) I had work then I went home and spent my evening with Scarlett. We didn’t go to nans this week. We stayed home. We watched a film. We watched The Incredibles. She really enjoyed it. But she was tired and went straight to bed afterwards. I caught up with some TV.

Saturday (21st) she had the last ballet class of the school year before they shut for the summer holidays. They had a rectical. Luckily she remembered some stuff and she had fun. After ballet we got on the train to see Brett. He was at work so his mom picked us up and we had some lunch then Scarlett went down for a nap. I fell asleep. Brett had got home by the time we’d woke up. He got washed and dressed. We were going to the cinema at 7:30. When we got there and tried to get tickets there was only a few left and they were dotted around the seats. So we agreed we’d see the later showing of 9:55. We bought the tickets then we went next door to the bowling alley. We played two games and I won both. Somehow. I’m actually shite at bowling but I beat him lol he didn’t like that. Being beaten by someone who’s good is fine but being whooped by someone shite is bad lol

After bowling we went to Frankie and Benny’s for drinks. I had 2 cocktails, woo woo. He had JD and coke. Then we went for a wander. Ended up in IKEA which was sweltering hot.

Eventually the film started. We watched The Incredibles 2. It was fab. I thoroughly enjoyed it. The only downer was the dickheads sat next to us. I swear they were high as kites or something. Because 1) they couldn’t stop fucking munching and 2) they kept making dumb AF comments about the movie and plot and I was like in my head going “OMG STFU you dumbasses”!

We got home about half 12 and went to bed. I had a headache. Too much alcohol in this heat I guess.

Sunday (22nd) we got up and tried not to cook like bacon in a pan. We had a BBQ at 3:30 then we got the train at 6. Mom picked us up the other end and dropped us home. It was nice to be home but my god was it hot!

Monday (23rd) was hot. I had no fan on my desk and the office was just humid. I never usually sweat at work but our office has no air, no breeze, no nothing. So I asked reception if they’d replace the fan I use to have in my old office as it was stolen. They said yes. But I had to wait for it to be delivered. No worries. My friend from over there snuck me over this little USB fan to use. It was ok I guess.

Tuesday (24th) my fan arrived but it required a screwdriver to put it together so I had to make do with my little fan.

Wednesday (25th) I brought my screwdrivers in and put my fan together. Yay I could use it! Omg the difference between the two fans is so obvious. I mean size wise it is anyway. But breeze wise, deffo!

I discovered that my bra had been rubbing so badly it had made underneath my boobs red raw. And the skin was peeling. It was hurting bad. So I decided I’d not wear any underwired bras for a few days. Easier said than done when you’ve got boobs as big as mine (38G).

Today (26th) I wore a nursing bra to work. It’s non-wired and so soft. I was concerned my fan blowing at me would make my nipples stick out but it’s so warm in general they didn’t lol my shoe fell apart and I had a headache all day. It’s this heat it’s mentally draining.

I’ve learned a lot more at work this week. I’ve finally got access to 2 more systems so I’m able to raise POs and stuff. Yay! I’m not sure how keen I am on the job. It’s very hectic and I’m not use to the way they do stuff compared to my old job. But we’ll see what happens.

Scarlett and I had a bath when we got home tonight. Then she helped me do the washing then we watched Emmerdale. Then she helped me eat my dinner before she finally went to bed at 9ish. It’s too hot to sleep but she manages it!!! I watched some more Elementary then I got into bed at 10. I was waiting for some washing to finish then I could go to sleep but it’s too hot! When is the winter coming!!!!!!!!!

It’s my birthday in 23 days. 3 weeks. That’s crazy. Once’s it’s done I’d like winter to come please. I’m baking and I don’t like it.



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