Work, weekend BBQ and a child-free Sunday

Thursday Scarlett was a nightmare when I got in from work. She spent half an hour screaming at me, crying for no reason I could fathom. Eventually she said she was tired. So I said to her that she could have a bath, chill then go to bed. She reluctantly agreed to bath time. When I tried to wash her hair, she pitched a fit and flung water everywhere. My bathroom floor was soaked. I was so annoyed with her but I knew it was just because she was tired. I managed to wash her hair and get her out. She got dressed for bed and then she cheered up. We watched TV then I  put her to bed at 9ish. She won’t settle before 9. I don’t even think it’s the late sun setting that stops her sleeping. I think she has a huge case of FOMO.

Friday wasn’t too bad. We were allowed to leave at 4:30 so that was nice. It meant I got to pick up Scarlett myself for a change. We went home and I bathed her then we went to my Nan’s for the evening. She was a bit hyper but she had fun. We got home at 10:15. I put her straight to bed. Then I cooked myself a late dinner then I went to bed.

Saturday we should’ve been up at 8ish as she had ballet class at 9:15 but she was so tired from her busy week back at Nursery I thought I’d let her sleep in. So we didn’t go to ballet. Instead we got up and chilled. We watched How to train your dragon then she had a nap at half 2 for an hour. Then my mom’s friend picked us up to go food shopping. She stayed in the car and I had a half hour shopping spree to myself. Best thing ever!

At 5:30 we walked to my nan’s house for a lovely BBQ. Scarlett didn’t eat much but she did entertain everyone lol we left at 10ish. Mom and her boyfriend walked us home.

England played against Belgium for 3rd place and lost.

My mom asked if she could take Scarlett out for the day Sunday. Of course I said yes. She’d had a blast and it meant I could try and sort my bedroom out.

Sunday mom picked Scarlett up at 10. I had packed her a lunch, drink and snacks. When she was gone I did some washing, folded laundry and watched back to back episodes of The Good Witch on Netflix. It was so nice to have a child-free day as they don’t happen often. Sometimes you just gotta take some time for you. I may be a mother but I’m also a female, a human and everyone needs a moment. I met my mom at my nans at 5ish so Scarlett and I could eat our dinners. We got home at half 6. We had a bath and she rubbed my cream into my sunburn then we watched some teletubbies etc. I put her to bed at 9ish.

France played Croatia for the World Cup winner. France annihilated Croatia 4-2.

Monday I finally got my laptop at work. Yay! I still didn’t have access to the systems but I could access my email so that was a starting point. Got in at 6. Bathed Scarlett then we watched Emmerdale. The tv schedules are back to normal now the World Cup has finished. Yay! She went to bed at 9. I started watching this series on the BBC iPlayer called Hidden. It’s good.

Tuesday (today) was better at work. I got access to one system so I was able to practise some quotes and stuff. Day went a lot quicker than last seemed to. I finally had the telephone appointment for my scan results. She said the same as the lady who did the scan. Coil not working properly. Needs to come out. She booked me in for that next week but I’m not sure I’m mentally ready. It was agony getting it in so I’m not sure I’m ready to have it out. So I may change be appointment for a few weeks away.

After work Scarlett had a bath and I put my dinner on whilst sorting her out. I ate whilst we watched Emmerdale. At half 8 I put her to bed. She went down, no issues.

I emptied my kitchen bin and took it down to the big bin outside. Then I wheeled that to the path for collection tomorrow. Then I caught up with 2 more episodes of Hidden.

I’m in bed now. I have work tomorrow and I’m so tired lately. So I’m off to sleep.



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