Cornwall, sunburn and we are home

Wednesday my headache did actually subside enough for me to rejoin the others in the lounge.

Thursday we went to the Screech Owl Sanctuary. Scarlett enjoyed that. They had an owl doing a display when we arrived. Then some of us ate in the cafe before heading to Pencarrow House. There was a kids outdoor area next to the cafe so I sat on a bench and watched for about an hour or so whilst Scarlett played with Brett. Eventually the others came outside after their house tour. We sat whilst they ate lunch then we wandered further into the grounds before heading back to the lodge.

Friday we decided to do the beach. We went to Mevagissey. Which turned out to not exactly have a beach. It was a harbour and when the tide was out, there was a few metres of sand lol so we drove 3 miles down the road to Gorran Haven. Which was actually a beach. It wasn’t huge. But it was lovely. Sand, sea and sunshine (although this vampire here hates this weather). I bought some crocs and a beach towel. We stayed till almost 3:30 then we went back to Mevagissey so we could eat. We stopped at a restaurant on the sea front. Brett and I had steak, the others had a mixture of fish and chips and ham, egg and chips. We ate then we drove back to the lodge.

I was sunburnt. It didn’t become obvious until I got in the shower then it just came up, beetroot red and was so painful. I haven’t been burnt that badly in a long time.

Saturday we went to Pendennis Castle. I was hot, sunburned and tired. I didn’t want to walk around, in the heat. So I mostly just sat in the cafe with a water, reading the guidebook I got. It was quite interesting. We left there to catch the England Match. We missed the first half but managed to catch the goal on playback. We watched the second half. Scarlett had napped then we took her swimming at 5:30. We left at 6:30. I think I got re-burnt.

Sunday we went back to the indoor market as Brett wanted to get some more gifts for his family. We were going out for dinner at 1:30 so we got up and went to the market early-ish. We got back, got changed and headed for dinner at the Hewas Inn. It was a really good meal. My chicken burger was delicious. Scarlett had penne cheesy pasta. Brett had steak.We were going to go swimming again but I wasn’t sure whether to risk it with my sunburnt (the pool is outdoors). And Scarlett went down for a nap quite late so we missed the last session anyway.I had a shower then packed most my stuff. Scarlett had a bath but didn’t get into bed till like half 10. She was still awake at almost midnight.

Monday we got up, got packed up, had breakfast then we left at 9:45. We stopped twice for toilet breaks. Then we stopped for lunch at 1:30. We finally got back to my area at about 4ish. We stopped at my nans house for a cup of tea. My Nan dropped Brett at the train station and us lot went home. My flat wasn’t as hot as I was expecting.

I did 3 loads of washing. I unpacked most of our stuff from the suitcase. Bathed Scarlett and put her to bed. We had sat and caught up with Emmerdale and some of Corrie.

Tuesday I finally started my new job. I still work for my company, I just work in a different department. And in a different building on site. I spent 8 hours watching someone working. So boring! Scarlett had a good day at Nursery. Her first day back after the holiday. She went to bed at 9ish.

Wednesday (today) was another day at the office. I got there quite early so I peaked my head in my old office to say Hi before heading to my new office. It was much of the same as the day before. No laptop yet so no work. Hopefully get my laptop tomorrow.

England played tonight against Croatia. They did well and scored in the first 5 minutes but then conceded a goal in the second half. Then in the extra time they conceded another and sadly didn’t get a chance to equalise so they’re playing for third place instead. They did well though.

I’m headed to bed soon. Just watching an episode of the Killing.


Ps. The pics below are from our holiday.


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