Day 3 of Cornwall

Thursday I didn’t wanna get up and go to work. But I did. Emmerdale wasn’t on again!

Friday was my last day working for Mitie Water. Officially I’m paid until Monday 9th July. But I’m on annual leave until then. I got a leaving card and Graham bought me lunch. I left the office at 3:30 just after Carol did. Mom and I stopped at nan’s before she picked scarlet up from Nursery. Then we headed home after a cup of tea.

Brett got to ours just after 9. Scarlett went to bed at 10ish and we watched some prison break. We’ve now finished season 2.

Saturday Scarlett had ballet class at 9:15 then we went into Camberley. We hit primark then brett treated us to Creams. Me and Scarlett had never been. We both had a Scoopshakes. Mine was hazelnut and vanilla. Hers was just vanilla. We headed back to Farnborough so we could get a birthday card for Aki (Scarlett’s BFF at Nursery). We went home for lunch then I tried to put Scarlett down for a nap. She wasn’t having any of it. Brett fell asleep. He had a headache so I left him at mine when we left for Aki’s birthday party at 2. We stayed till 3:45 then Wendy picked us up and dropped us home. Scarlett finally napped till 6. Then she got dressed and we went to my mom’s for my brother’s fiancés birthday evening. Scarlett had a blast eating and playing. She’s so funny. We left at 10:30 to walk home. Scarlett got straight in bed and we followed at midnight-ish.

Sunday we woke up at almost 9. I did some breakfast. Brett took Scarlett to the shops with him so I could continue packing. We stayed in and watched a film. I cooked lunch then later we had soup for dinner. Scarlett had a bath and went to bed at 9ish. I tried to finish packing but I just lost the will to live.

Monday we got up at 8ish. I did Scarlett breakfast then I finished packing. Brett sorted his shit. I dressed myself then Scarlett. Mom turned up at 10:45 to pack our stuff in Mark’s car. We then set off to nan’s house. We were all loaded up so we headed to the petrol station for fuel. We grabbed some drinks for the journey. We set off at 11:35. We stopped at 1:30 at a services but there was no parking and it was busy. We drove to the next one and the burgerking was shut for refurbishments. So we drove on and stopped at almost 2 at a cafe. We had a nice hot lunch and the food was quite good.

I got my period on the first leg of the journey (unbeknownst to me) so I ended up with a small blood stain on my shorts as well as my pants. Luckily I had bought stuff with me so I dug it out of the bags in the boot and sorted myself in the cafe loos. What a start to the holiday!

We set off again and eventually arrived just before 6ish. We settled in and dumped our stuff in our rooms.

Nan did some dinner at 8ish then I bathed Scarlett. She didn’t go to bed till after 11.

Tuesday she woke up at 8. Nan cooked breakfast at 9 then we all showered and got dressed. We decided we’d do the Poldark Mines. Me, Brett, mom and Mark decided to do the actual mine tour. The rest stayed in the garden and museum area. The tour was interesting but we got soaked and it was freezing until you came back above ground.

We came back to the lodge and had lunch. We had dinner at 7ish when the football started. England actually won on penalties. What even is this life lol

Scarlett had a bath and we put her to bed at 10 when the football had finished. We went to bed about midnight.

Today we got up and had breakfast. We headed to St. Austell to wander around this huge indoor market place. It wasn’t bad but it was all just tat. We got some donuts and an ice cream. Cornish ice cream is the best. We left there at 12:30 to go to Truro. We parked at a park-and-ride so we could get the bus into the town. We went to Wetherspoons for lunch. Which was decent and cheap. We love a spoons. Then we wandered. We hit Primark. Scarlett got 2 pairs of shoes, 2 pairs of jeans, 2 pairs of leggings and a dress. Spoilt cow lol

I got me and Brett a Costa hot chocolate.

We headed back towards the bus stop at 4:30. We got back to the lodge at about half 5. I’ve had a banging headache since about 2 when we ate. So I’ve come in and laid on the bed, after taking some tablets. Hopefully they kick in soon.

We’ve had a good 3 days so far.



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