Emotional AF

Friday we got up and got ready then we headed out. I went to work. I worked till 12 then I grabbed my laptop and left. My grandad took me food shopping then dropped me home. I packed my shopping away, ate my lunch then loaded my laptop up to work. I worked till 4:30 then we were told we could log off early as it’s Friday. Scarlett got dropped Home just after 5. We decided we’d go to nan’s so I bathed her then nan picked us up. Nan said I could eat with her so we grabbed KFC. Brett got off the train at 9ish so we went to pick him up then we went home. He entertained Scarlett whilst I cooked him dinner then she went to bed.

We watched an episode of Prison Break season 3 then got into bed ourselves.

Saturday morning I got up with Scarlett at 7:30. Did her breakfast then we watched half a film (Stork) then I put her down for a nap at 10. I fell back asleep. My alarm woke me up at noon. I got everyone else up. We got ready for Scarlett’s Nursery friends birthday party. We left for the party. Scarlett had fun jumping in the soft play and riding the wobble cars. We left at 3 with a party bag and a slice of cake. We went home and finished watching Stork. It was a good movie. Brett had a bath then at 5:45 we left mine to drop Scarlett at my nans. She got a bit sad when we tried to leave. She rarely does that. I hate when her little bottom lip trembles. We managed to escape when she was distracted. We got to wetherspoons at 6:45 and managed to order, eat and leave by 7:20. Impressive lol

We got to the cinema at 7:30. Mom and her boyfriend met us there. We watched Mamma Mia 2. I never cry at stuff. Ever. But I did have tears. No one told me it was going to be sad.

We left the cinema at 9:45 and picked Scarlett up on the way. She didn’t go to sleep till almost 11. We were shattered ourselves so we went to bed at half 11.

Sunday Brett said I kept him up most the night snoring. I told him he should’ve woken me up. I’d have slept on the sofa. No biggie. Instead he’d had 3 hours sleep. It had rained all night. Finally!!

We had to be at the cinema for 10. Picked us up at 10ish. We got a drink and sat in our seats. We watched Hotel Transylvania 3. Scarlett did well but she was tired herself and didn’t wanna sit still.

After cinema we got the bus back to my nan’s as she was cooking dinner. We put Scarlett down for a nap. We ate then when she woke she ate. She didn’t eat much. Brett walked home by himself to grab his stuff then he walked back so Nan could run him to the train station. We tagged along for a lift home. We got in and had a bath then we chilled. Scarlett went to bed at 8:45. I got in bed earlier than usual. I’ve had a headache for a few days that won’t go away!

Today I woke up and I didn’t want to go to work. I wanted to lay in bed. But I got up. I woke up Scarlett. Today was the day we were going to give POTTY TRAINING a go. So I put knickers on her. Stuffed her back with loads of spare stuff. Made her breakfast then loaded her in the car, on a towel. And we dropped her at my Nan’s. Mom dropped me at work. I came in to shitloads of emails. I felt this weird anxious overwhelmed sick feeling all day. I felt like crying. I never cry. But I did cry when I got back in the car to go home at 5:30. My mom was like WTF is the matter? I was like I don’t even know, I just feel shitty today. So random.

Potty training is not going great but it’s only day 1. So let’s see what tomorrow brings.

I put her straight in the bath then we watched Emmerdale. I did myself some porridge for dinner. I didn’t fancy anything else. Mom popped in for a cuppa before work. I plaited her hair for her. Scarlett went to bed at 9. I watched some TV but now I’m in bed. My headache is still here and I still feel shitty.

It’s my birthday in less than 3 weeks. I feel weird about it. Normally I’d be doing my blog countdown. It’s what I’ve always done. But I just haven’t this year. Weird!

Anyways I’m off to sleep. I’m shattered. Mentally I think.



When is it winter?

I feel awful that I haven’t checked in sooner. I did think about it and started writing a post the other day. I try to check in every week. And it annoys me when I don’t manage it. Mostly because my recall isn’t as good as it use to be. And the little anecdotes that are funny and I’d like to share tend to get lost. And yes I do lead a busy life to some extent. I work full time, I look after a toddler and try to squeeze time in with my reading, my TV shows and obviously seeing Brett. But blogging does usually fit in. Just not this week.

Wednesday (18th) was better at work. It’s still so hot it’s like Satan’s asshole. I wish this weather would fuck right off. And no I’m not typical British who moans when it’s cold then moans when it’s warm. I only moan when it’s warm. I love the fall and winter months. Big jumpers. Cozy shoes. Hats. Gloves. Scarves. I love it! Bring on autumn I say!!!!

I booked our next hoseasons holiday. Just for us and Scarlett. It was a low deposit so I thought fuck it and paid it. The trip is about £300 each so not too bad for 7 nights in the cotswold in a 2 bed lodge with a hot tub!!!!

Thursday (19th) was hot. What a surprise! The weekend was getting closer though so I couldn’t complain much.

Friday (20th) I had work then I went home and spent my evening with Scarlett. We didn’t go to nans this week. We stayed home. We watched a film. We watched The Incredibles. She really enjoyed it. But she was tired and went straight to bed afterwards. I caught up with some TV.

Saturday (21st) she had the last ballet class of the school year before they shut for the summer holidays. They had a rectical. Luckily she remembered some stuff and she had fun. After ballet we got on the train to see Brett. He was at work so his mom picked us up and we had some lunch then Scarlett went down for a nap. I fell asleep. Brett had got home by the time we’d woke up. He got washed and dressed. We were going to the cinema at 7:30. When we got there and tried to get tickets there was only a few left and they were dotted around the seats. So we agreed we’d see the later showing of 9:55. We bought the tickets then we went next door to the bowling alley. We played two games and I won both. Somehow. I’m actually shite at bowling but I beat him lol he didn’t like that. Being beaten by someone who’s good is fine but being whooped by someone shite is bad lol

After bowling we went to Frankie and Benny’s for drinks. I had 2 cocktails, woo woo. He had JD and coke. Then we went for a wander. Ended up in IKEA which was sweltering hot.

Eventually the film started. We watched The Incredibles 2. It was fab. I thoroughly enjoyed it. The only downer was the dickheads sat next to us. I swear they were high as kites or something. Because 1) they couldn’t stop fucking munching and 2) they kept making dumb AF comments about the movie and plot and I was like in my head going “OMG STFU you dumbasses”!

We got home about half 12 and went to bed. I had a headache. Too much alcohol in this heat I guess.

Sunday (22nd) we got up and tried not to cook like bacon in a pan. We had a BBQ at 3:30 then we got the train at 6. Mom picked us up the other end and dropped us home. It was nice to be home but my god was it hot!

Monday (23rd) was hot. I had no fan on my desk and the office was just humid. I never usually sweat at work but our office has no air, no breeze, no nothing. So I asked reception if they’d replace the fan I use to have in my old office as it was stolen. They said yes. But I had to wait for it to be delivered. No worries. My friend from over there snuck me over this little USB fan to use. It was ok I guess.

Tuesday (24th) my fan arrived but it required a screwdriver to put it together so I had to make do with my little fan.

Wednesday (25th) I brought my screwdrivers in and put my fan together. Yay I could use it! Omg the difference between the two fans is so obvious. I mean size wise it is anyway. But breeze wise, deffo!

I discovered that my bra had been rubbing so badly it had made underneath my boobs red raw. And the skin was peeling. It was hurting bad. So I decided I’d not wear any underwired bras for a few days. Easier said than done when you’ve got boobs as big as mine (38G).

Today (26th) I wore a nursing bra to work. It’s non-wired and so soft. I was concerned my fan blowing at me would make my nipples stick out but it’s so warm in general they didn’t lol my shoe fell apart and I had a headache all day. It’s this heat it’s mentally draining.

I’ve learned a lot more at work this week. I’ve finally got access to 2 more systems so I’m able to raise POs and stuff. Yay! I’m not sure how keen I am on the job. It’s very hectic and I’m not use to the way they do stuff compared to my old job. But we’ll see what happens.

Scarlett and I had a bath when we got home tonight. Then she helped me do the washing then we watched Emmerdale. Then she helped me eat my dinner before she finally went to bed at 9ish. It’s too hot to sleep but she manages it!!! I watched some more Elementary then I got into bed at 10. I was waiting for some washing to finish then I could go to sleep but it’s too hot! When is the winter coming!!!!!!!!!

It’s my birthday in 23 days. 3 weeks. That’s crazy. Once’s it’s done I’d like winter to come please. I’m baking and I don’t like it.


Work, weekend BBQ and a child-free Sunday

Thursday Scarlett was a nightmare when I got in from work. She spent half an hour screaming at me, crying for no reason I could fathom. Eventually she said she was tired. So I said to her that she could have a bath, chill then go to bed. She reluctantly agreed to bath time. When I tried to wash her hair, she pitched a fit and flung water everywhere. My bathroom floor was soaked. I was so annoyed with her but I knew it was just because she was tired. I managed to wash her hair and get her out. She got dressed for bed and then she cheered up. We watched TV then I  put her to bed at 9ish. She won’t settle before 9. I don’t even think it’s the late sun setting that stops her sleeping. I think she has a huge case of FOMO.

Friday wasn’t too bad. We were allowed to leave at 4:30 so that was nice. It meant I got to pick up Scarlett myself for a change. We went home and I bathed her then we went to my Nan’s for the evening. She was a bit hyper but she had fun. We got home at 10:15. I put her straight to bed. Then I cooked myself a late dinner then I went to bed.

Saturday we should’ve been up at 8ish as she had ballet class at 9:15 but she was so tired from her busy week back at Nursery I thought I’d let her sleep in. So we didn’t go to ballet. Instead we got up and chilled. We watched How to train your dragon then she had a nap at half 2 for an hour. Then my mom’s friend picked us up to go food shopping. She stayed in the car and I had a half hour shopping spree to myself. Best thing ever!

At 5:30 we walked to my nan’s house for a lovely BBQ. Scarlett didn’t eat much but she did entertain everyone lol we left at 10ish. Mom and her boyfriend walked us home.

England played against Belgium for 3rd place and lost.

My mom asked if she could take Scarlett out for the day Sunday. Of course I said yes. She’d had a blast and it meant I could try and sort my bedroom out.

Sunday mom picked Scarlett up at 10. I had packed her a lunch, drink and snacks. When she was gone I did some washing, folded laundry and watched back to back episodes of The Good Witch on Netflix. It was so nice to have a child-free day as they don’t happen often. Sometimes you just gotta take some time for you. I may be a mother but I’m also a female, a human and everyone needs a moment. I met my mom at my nans at 5ish so Scarlett and I could eat our dinners. We got home at half 6. We had a bath and she rubbed my cream into my sunburn then we watched some teletubbies etc. I put her to bed at 9ish.

France played Croatia for the World Cup winner. France annihilated Croatia 4-2.

Monday I finally got my laptop at work. Yay! I still didn’t have access to the systems but I could access my email so that was a starting point. Got in at 6. Bathed Scarlett then we watched Emmerdale. The tv schedules are back to normal now the World Cup has finished. Yay! She went to bed at 9. I started watching this series on the BBC iPlayer called Hidden. It’s good.

Tuesday (today) was better at work. I got access to one system so I was able to practise some quotes and stuff. Day went a lot quicker than last seemed to. I finally had the telephone appointment for my scan results. She said the same as the lady who did the scan. Coil not working properly. Needs to come out. She booked me in for that next week but I’m not sure I’m mentally ready. It was agony getting it in so I’m not sure I’m ready to have it out. So I may change be appointment for a few weeks away.

After work Scarlett had a bath and I put my dinner on whilst sorting her out. I ate whilst we watched Emmerdale. At half 8 I put her to bed. She went down, no issues.

I emptied my kitchen bin and took it down to the big bin outside. Then I wheeled that to the path for collection tomorrow. Then I caught up with 2 more episodes of Hidden.

I’m in bed now. I have work tomorrow and I’m so tired lately. So I’m off to sleep.


Cornwall, sunburn and we are home

Wednesday my headache did actually subside enough for me to rejoin the others in the lounge.

Thursday we went to the Screech Owl Sanctuary. Scarlett enjoyed that. They had an owl doing a display when we arrived. Then some of us ate in the cafe before heading to Pencarrow House. There was a kids outdoor area next to the cafe so I sat on a bench and watched for about an hour or so whilst Scarlett played with Brett. Eventually the others came outside after their house tour. We sat whilst they ate lunch then we wandered further into the grounds before heading back to the lodge.

Friday we decided to do the beach. We went to Mevagissey. Which turned out to not exactly have a beach. It was a harbour and when the tide was out, there was a few metres of sand lol so we drove 3 miles down the road to Gorran Haven. Which was actually a beach. It wasn’t huge. But it was lovely. Sand, sea and sunshine (although this vampire here hates this weather). I bought some crocs and a beach towel. We stayed till almost 3:30 then we went back to Mevagissey so we could eat. We stopped at a restaurant on the sea front. Brett and I had steak, the others had a mixture of fish and chips and ham, egg and chips. We ate then we drove back to the lodge.

I was sunburnt. It didn’t become obvious until I got in the shower then it just came up, beetroot red and was so painful. I haven’t been burnt that badly in a long time.

Saturday we went to Pendennis Castle. I was hot, sunburned and tired. I didn’t want to walk around, in the heat. So I mostly just sat in the cafe with a water, reading the guidebook I got. It was quite interesting. We left there to catch the England Match. We missed the first half but managed to catch the goal on playback. We watched the second half. Scarlett had napped then we took her swimming at 5:30. We left at 6:30. I think I got re-burnt.

Sunday we went back to the indoor market as Brett wanted to get some more gifts for his family. We were going out for dinner at 1:30 so we got up and went to the market early-ish. We got back, got changed and headed for dinner at the Hewas Inn. It was a really good meal. My chicken burger was delicious. Scarlett had penne cheesy pasta. Brett had steak.We were going to go swimming again but I wasn’t sure whether to risk it with my sunburnt (the pool is outdoors). And Scarlett went down for a nap quite late so we missed the last session anyway.I had a shower then packed most my stuff. Scarlett had a bath but didn’t get into bed till like half 10. She was still awake at almost midnight.

Monday we got up, got packed up, had breakfast then we left at 9:45. We stopped twice for toilet breaks. Then we stopped for lunch at 1:30. We finally got back to my area at about 4ish. We stopped at my nans house for a cup of tea. My Nan dropped Brett at the train station and us lot went home. My flat wasn’t as hot as I was expecting.

I did 3 loads of washing. I unpacked most of our stuff from the suitcase. Bathed Scarlett and put her to bed. We had sat and caught up with Emmerdale and some of Corrie.

Tuesday I finally started my new job. I still work for my company, I just work in a different department. And in a different building on site. I spent 8 hours watching someone working. So boring! Scarlett had a good day at Nursery. Her first day back after the holiday. She went to bed at 9ish.

Wednesday (today) was another day at the office. I got there quite early so I peaked my head in my old office to say Hi before heading to my new office. It was much of the same as the day before. No laptop yet so no work. Hopefully get my laptop tomorrow.

England played tonight against Croatia. They did well and scored in the first 5 minutes but then conceded a goal in the second half. Then in the extra time they conceded another and sadly didn’t get a chance to equalise so they’re playing for third place instead. They did well though.

I’m headed to bed soon. Just watching an episode of the Killing.


Ps. The pics below are from our holiday.

Day 3 of Cornwall

Thursday I didn’t wanna get up and go to work. But I did. Emmerdale wasn’t on again!

Friday was my last day working for Mitie Water. Officially I’m paid until Monday 9th July. But I’m on annual leave until then. I got a leaving card and Graham bought me lunch. I left the office at 3:30 just after Carol did. Mom and I stopped at nan’s before she picked scarlet up from Nursery. Then we headed home after a cup of tea.

Brett got to ours just after 9. Scarlett went to bed at 10ish and we watched some prison break. We’ve now finished season 2.

Saturday Scarlett had ballet class at 9:15 then we went into Camberley. We hit primark then brett treated us to Creams. Me and Scarlett had never been. We both had a Scoopshakes. Mine was hazelnut and vanilla. Hers was just vanilla. We headed back to Farnborough so we could get a birthday card for Aki (Scarlett’s BFF at Nursery). We went home for lunch then I tried to put Scarlett down for a nap. She wasn’t having any of it. Brett fell asleep. He had a headache so I left him at mine when we left for Aki’s birthday party at 2. We stayed till 3:45 then Wendy picked us up and dropped us home. Scarlett finally napped till 6. Then she got dressed and we went to my mom’s for my brother’s fiancés birthday evening. Scarlett had a blast eating and playing. She’s so funny. We left at 10:30 to walk home. Scarlett got straight in bed and we followed at midnight-ish.

Sunday we woke up at almost 9. I did some breakfast. Brett took Scarlett to the shops with him so I could continue packing. We stayed in and watched a film. I cooked lunch then later we had soup for dinner. Scarlett had a bath and went to bed at 9ish. I tried to finish packing but I just lost the will to live.

Monday we got up at 8ish. I did Scarlett breakfast then I finished packing. Brett sorted his shit. I dressed myself then Scarlett. Mom turned up at 10:45 to pack our stuff in Mark’s car. We then set off to nan’s house. We were all loaded up so we headed to the petrol station for fuel. We grabbed some drinks for the journey. We set off at 11:35. We stopped at 1:30 at a services but there was no parking and it was busy. We drove to the next one and the burgerking was shut for refurbishments. So we drove on and stopped at almost 2 at a cafe. We had a nice hot lunch and the food was quite good.

I got my period on the first leg of the journey (unbeknownst to me) so I ended up with a small blood stain on my shorts as well as my pants. Luckily I had bought stuff with me so I dug it out of the bags in the boot and sorted myself in the cafe loos. What a start to the holiday!

We set off again and eventually arrived just before 6ish. We settled in and dumped our stuff in our rooms.

Nan did some dinner at 8ish then I bathed Scarlett. She didn’t go to bed till after 11.

Tuesday she woke up at 8. Nan cooked breakfast at 9 then we all showered and got dressed. We decided we’d do the Poldark Mines. Me, Brett, mom and Mark decided to do the actual mine tour. The rest stayed in the garden and museum area. The tour was interesting but we got soaked and it was freezing until you came back above ground.

We came back to the lodge and had lunch. We had dinner at 7ish when the football started. England actually won on penalties. What even is this life lol

Scarlett had a bath and we put her to bed at 10 when the football had finished. We went to bed about midnight.

Today we got up and had breakfast. We headed to St. Austell to wander around this huge indoor market place. It wasn’t bad but it was all just tat. We got some donuts and an ice cream. Cornish ice cream is the best. We left there at 12:30 to go to Truro. We parked at a park-and-ride so we could get the bus into the town. We went to Wetherspoons for lunch. Which was decent and cheap. We love a spoons. Then we wandered. We hit Primark. Scarlett got 2 pairs of shoes, 2 pairs of jeans, 2 pairs of leggings and a dress. Spoilt cow lol

I got me and Brett a Costa hot chocolate.

We headed back towards the bus stop at 4:30. We got back to the lodge at about half 5. I’ve had a banging headache since about 2 when we ate. So I’ve come in and laid on the bed, after taking some tablets. Hopefully they kick in soon.

We’ve had a good 3 days so far.