Fleet Hospital

Monday was so hot. The office was fine with the windows open and the fans on. But my god it’s just so hot in general. Emmerdale was on for an hour and so was corrie. Been watching season 3 of The Killing and it’s so good! I’m loving this whole show from season 1 to now and I’ll be devastated when I finish season 4 lol what will I do with myself?

Scarlett’s room thermometer was saying 28 degrees. Too hot. So I checked her at 11:30pm and she was fine but she’d soiled her nappy. So I changed her and she didn’t even stir. She stayed fast asleep snoring. I took her nappy down to the outside bin then I asked her if she wanted to sleep in my bed. She got up, sleep walked to my bedroom and rolled onto the bed and was flat out asleep. She is so like me sometimes. Except if someone took my trousers down to wipe my butt I’d wake up, unlike her!

So she slept in my bed. I woke up a lot in the night from the heat. Must’ve woke 4/5 times.

Tuesday I was tired but I was ok. Work was slow. It seems that someone up north has taken over my job already but I haven’t been told. So I emailed my manager’s manager to ask why I’m even here if I’m not needed? He replied late last night saying he wasn’t aware of this as they’re not suppose to be picking up my work till I’ve left (July 2nd they’re meant to be starting).

We had dinner on the way home then I had a shower whilst mom watched her then I bathed her. We watched Emmerdale and spoke to Brett then I put her to bed. I watched Corrie then more The Killing.

Today we didn’t wake up till 9:45 when mom was ringing my house phone. I love a lay in. So does Scarlett. When I went in to her, she’d taken her nappy off (presumably because it was really wet) then just done her own vest back up and gone to sleep. However in doing this she wasn’t protected and she then weed her bed. Did make me chuckle a bit.

Mom brought breakfast found just after 10. We ate then watched some TV then we dressed and left for the hospital. I had an appointment for an ultrasound scan to check my coil is where it’s meant to be. And to make sure I don’t have cysts and anything else.

The scan was internal. They are uncomfortable for most women. But for me with my condition it’s another matter. It was agony. I’m glad the room was so dark as I actually had tears. She discussed some things with me but said to speak to my GP in a week or so for the full results.

We went food shopping afterwards then Home. Scarlett went for a nap at half 2 after some lunch and woke at 5:15 when my mom and her friend turned up for our usual Wednesday natter. I cooked us dinner then she had a bath at 7:30. We watched a film as there was no Emmerdale on. She went to bed at half 9ish. I caught up on Elementary and then I climbed into bed at half 11.

2 days left at work. 5 days till holiday!!!



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