First summer BBQ

Monday they all picked me up from work. Brett and I had dinner then a shower before he headed home.

Tuesday Scarlett was confused. She kept asking “where daddy gone?” Emmerdale was on for an hour as it hadn’t been on TV on Monday. This is due to the bloody World Cup. Can’t wait for the football to piss off tbh!

Wednesday we decided to go to my mom’s after work. Her friend still comes on Wednesdays and we alternate who hosts. Last week was my turn so it was mom’s turn this week. We stayed for a cuppa then left just after 7 for Home. I did her bath then sorted some dinner when she was in bed. She was awake till gone 9. Don’t know what her problems with sleeping are lately!

Thursday I woke up at 5am with a migraine so I ended up calling in sick. I sent Scarlett to Nursery then I spent 3 hours in my front room with the curtains shut. Eventually it dulled enough for me to get up and put some washing on. I watched some TV. More The Killing. Finished season 2 now. The killer was NOT who I expected. I look forward to season 3!

Friday I went into work. It my head started hurting again so I caught up on my work and left at 12:30. I needed food shopping so I popped to Morrison’s then mom and I stopped at my nans house. We picked Scarlett up at 4:30 then we went home.

She wanted to go to my nans for the evening, like we sometimes do. So we had a bath then we went to my nans at 7. She dropped us home at 10. Scarlett went to bed. I hadn’t eaten dinner (she’d ate at Nursery) so I cooked myself something whilst catching up with Emmerdale then at midnight I got into bed.

Saturday we woke up at 7:30. I wasn’t ready to get up so I made her lay in my bed, watching teletubbies on my iPad, till I ready. We got up at 8:15. I did us some porridge then we threw some bits in an overnight bag then we left. Mom dropped us in Aldershot so we could go to see Teletubbies Live. It started at 10 and it was brilliant. She absolutely loved it. It was 25 minutes of show then a 10 minute interval, followed by another 20 minutes of show. She thoroughly enjoyed herself. She joined in with some of the songs, actions and lots of waving. It was great.

We got a bus to the train station and were on the train by 12:02. However everyone must’ve decided to go out because we were packed in the carriage, stood up, like sardines. People who are so self-absorbed never saw Scarlett and kept kneeing her. I picked her up but holding myself upright was difficult. Eventually we got off at Clapham and got on another train to Wimbledon. At Wimbledon we finally got a tram to mitcham junction. When we got to Brett’s house we had a sandwich then we relaxed. At 4:30 we went to drop his little brother off at his friends then we went to Sainsbury’s for nappies.

Scarlett fell asleep in the car. Danger nap! We had dinner at half 6. She ate more than I expected considering Brett gave her an ice lolly about an hour before dinner. Silly sod lol

After dinner she had a bath then we chilled for the evening. I thought about putting her to bed when Brett gave her some of his juice (instant sugar hit as she doesn’t drink juice often) then a chocolate lollie pop. I was like WTF you doing? She’s going to bed. So she ended up having to go to bed at 10, when she’d calmed down but before she hit that sugar crash.

I crawled into Brett’s bed at half 11 because I was shattered. I’d been up since 7:30 and just been GO GO GO all day! He said he’d follow me shortly. He didn’t. Well he says he did but he said I was snoring so he slept on the sofa!

Today Scarlett woke up about quarter to 9. So a good lay in. We got up and had breakfast. I got her dressed then she went shopping with her nanny and Grandad. I got dressed and just chilled out, baby-free. She had a quick sandwich at 12:30 then I took her into the bedroom for a nap. She slept an hour then Brett took her into the front room. I slept for like 2 hours. Completely missed the England football game. Apparently we won 6-1. Impressive. We had a BBQ at half 3/4ish. I had two chicken burgers. Scarlett had 1 normal beef burger. Plus some cucumber. She likes that.

We got on the tram at 6 to Wimbledon and then switched to a train and got off at home at 7:30. Mom picked us up. We got straight in and had a bath then we watched some teletubbies then I put her to bed at 9:15.

I caught up with Corrie then The Resident and now I’m in bed. It’s too hot in my flat, even with windows open.

Work tomorrow. I have 5 days left then I’m finished in my department for good. We got away a week tomorrow. Cornwall. I’m excited. It should be good.


Ps. Got a banging headache. Had it all day. It’s this bloody sunshine. I wish winter would hurry up!!!!


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