The cast of “A Bugs Life” love my flat

Friday mom and I picked up Scarlett from nursery then we swung by the station to pick Brett up. Scarlett was so excited to see him. When we got in he did her bath whilst I cooked dinner. We ate and Scarlett tried to “help” us. We watched some TV then we put her to bed.

We caught up on all his stories from his holiday and he showed me all the pictures and videos. We carried on watching Prison Break. We tried not to go to bed too late as we knew we had to be up early-ish Saturday.

Saturday I woke up at 8ish. Scarlett was awake. I let her out of her bedroom. I tried to wake Brett. It took 45 minutes for him to get his ass moving. He really hates waking up, and being woken up. We left for dance class at 9ish. Scarlett did brilliantly. Brett watched her through the window and he was so proud of her. After dance we went into town. I needed to get a Father’s Day card for both Brett and my Dad plus do some food shopping. So we went to Poppins Cafe so Brett could have breakfast [Scarlett had some toast even though she’d already eaten]. We then hit the card factory before heading to Sainsburys. After shopping we went home and stayed home. Neither of us has any money so we had a chill afternoon/evening at home.

Sunday we got up at 8ish. I did Scarlett some breakfast then when she was done I made Brett some toast and we took his present and card to him in bed, to open. He was pleased with his gift and Scarlett was all over him like a rash because he had toast lol #fathersday

We got picked up at quarter to 10. We missed the 09:59 train by mere seconds so we had to wait another hour. Scarlett was very well behaved, thankfully, as we hadn’t brought the stroller. We saw my brother’s fiancé Nat on the opposite platform. As we had so long to wait Brett took Scarlett over the bridge to say Hi as she loves her “Nat Nat”. We got on the train at 11 and after changing at Basingstoke we got to Dad’s just before 12. He picked us up.

We had some lunch then Scarlett went with my step-mom to walk the dogs and Brett and I went shopping with my Dad. Child-free shopping. Like for reals! Then we had a costa. A child-free costa. It was nice spending adult time with Dad, and Brett. They’re like two bloody peas in a pod TBH. After shopping and costa we went back to Dad’s. Scarlett had had a lovely time and didn’t seem to miss us much lol we had a self serve BBQ buffet style dinner and the steak was DELICIOUS.

We got on the train at 6:11 and were off the other end at 7. We waited half hour for a taxi [no buses that late] and eventually got home at 7:45. Brett bathed Scarlett and she went to bed about half 8. We watched some more Prison Break and then we realised it was super late so we got into bed. It was like 12:30 and I noticed a bloody spider hanging from my ceiling so Brett had to get up and get rid of it. We had just laid back down and this massive black winged thing came flying over our heads and smacked into the same place where the spider was dangling before. Brett spent 10 minutes chasing it around the bedroom with a rolled up magazine. I just stood outside the bedroom panicking lol we eventually laid back down at 1:30 and he went straight to sleep. I laid there for a while hoping nothing else came wandering in.

Today I got up at 7 and sorted me and Scarlett. I kissed Brett’s head goodbye and left. I whatsapped him to say there is bread for toast and to help himself. Otherwise he doesn’t eat anything lol bless him. Watching another episode of The Killing on lunch. I love it!

IMG_0350This picture says a lot. She absolutely loves the bones of him. She copies his every little trait and quirk. She asks about him every day. He is the best King to raise our Princess and I am forever grateful that he loves her the way he does, it’s not easy raising another man’s child. But for him, and me, she IS his child. He wipes her tears away, he magic kisses her sore knee, reads her bedtime stories, gives her a bath, washes her hair, changes her nappy, dresses her, puts her hair up and so much more. That’s what being a Dad is all about.

We love you baby, Happy Father’s Day.



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