Period, maybe?

Monday I did not want to get up and go to work. I slept okay considering I was almost at the end of season 2 of 13 Reasons Why. It’s very intense. I just woke up in an awful mood which I feel was further proof of an impending period. However all day I spot checked when I visited the toilets and nothing much happened aside from some lightly tinged pink stuff when I wiped [TMI, sorry]. I finally finished watching 13 Reasons Why. The finale was brutal. But the actual last 5 minutes were proper shite. They totally could’ve gone in a different direction, and lined up more with actual real life American high schools. But hey, it’s over now. I can move onto something new. I just started watching something else on Netflix called The Killing. It’s interesting, so far.

So I called up about my blood test results. The receptionist said that they all mostly came back normal but there was a note on the results for me to make a telephone appointment to discuss the results. So I said Ok let’s book one. She said the earliest they have is next Tuesday. Well I guess it can’t be urgent so I assume I won’t die between now and then haha probably just need to discuss my iron level or something equally as mundane and non-life threatening.

Tuesday it was so hot when I woke up. My flat really does retain the fucking heat. It’s unreal and it’s only June. FML!

Work was fine. Office got warm but with the windows open and the fan on it was fine.

Scarlett really has got in the habit of not going to sleep till nearly 9. Which in itself is not an issue as she’s still in bed by 7:30/8pm. But she shouts my name, sings to herself and constantly asks me what I’m doing if she catches me going into the kitchen. She’s so cheeky.

Wednesday I decided to book her a doctors appointment as her cough hasn’t got better. She’s had it on/off for a month now. So I phoned up and initially they gave me an OOH appointment for Sunday at the hospital’s outpatients department. I agreed then when I hung up I remembered we were going to visit my dad Sunday. For Father’s Day. So I called back up and asked if I could cancel the OOH appointment and make one for the actual doctor’s surgery. So they said they had a sit-and-wait appointment clinic for 12. So I said that’s fine.

I text my mom to figure out picking me up then Scarlett up. But she never got back to me. I tried to call her and she didn’t answer, it didn’t even ring. I assumed by that point that she must be napping in preparation for working tonight. So I got a taxi to pick me up from work at 11:30. We got to the Nursery at 11:40. I picked her up then the taxi driver (very nice man) dropped us at the doctor’s. We arrived at 11:45 so that was good. We waited to be seen and Scarlett said she was cold so I gave her my hoodie. Because I’d come from work I didn’t have any of her stuff with me. Not even her water bottle or a nappy. Maybe in future I should carry a few bits in my bag. I use to. I just stopped because I never ever needed them.

So the doctor says she thinks Scarlett’s suffering with hayfever. She had bad eyes a few weeks ago, she’s been constantly snotty or sneezing and this cough has been on/off for a month. She said that hayfever, eczema and asthma are all linked. And she asked our history and I said that my mom and brother both have asthma. Her biological dad Harry has eczema and I have hayfever. She has eczema. But it’s in a good condition now compared to when she was little. And I did have eczema as a child too. So she was bound to suffer. So they’ve prescribed an inhaler to try at nighttime. And told me to give her piriton in the morning and see how she gets on.

So after the doctor’s we went to my Nan’s. I put her down for a nap at 1:30 then woke her at about 3ish. She had dinner then we walked home with Mom. Wendy [my mom’s BFF & Scarlett’s godmom] came round like she usually does Wednesdays. I spoke to Brett, we video called. First time we’d managed to properly. He spoke to Scarlett briefly. She was too distracted by Wendy being here, she loves her! She had her bath and I gave her the inhaler. She was a pro at breathing in and out.

Thursday was cooler in the morning. Almost chilly. But by the afternoon it had warmed up significantly. The day was the same as usual. I tracked Brett’s flight online and he arrived safely at Gatwick at 2:30. I got in and put together the 2 new fans I had ordered. One for Scarlett’s room [as her current one is shit] and one for my bedroom so I didn’t have to keep moving the one I had in the lounge. It’s heavy to carry back and forth. Scarlett had a bath [and spoke to Brett on Facetime]. I put her TV on in her room so I could shut the stair gate and bath in peace. She kept coming to her doorway to say Hi [as she can see in the bathroom from there] and then she’d wander off again. At least she didn’t cry about me “leaving her in her room” like she did before. I explained to her why I needed to shut her gate. Safety reasons. Also, I don’t want her “helping” me bath, like last time. So we did that then we watched Emmerdale. I put her to bed at 8ish and cooked myself dinner. I watched the second Emmerdale then caught up with The Resident then more The Killing.

Friday I woke up with horrid sticky, itchy eyes. Scarlett and I got dressed, brushed our teeth then I did her breakfast. Whilst she ate I did her hair then Nan turned up so I left. I wasn’t sure whether to wear my jean shorts. But I decided not to. So I grabbed my normal jeans. I don’t get “massively hot” in the office as we have the windows open and the fan on if necessary. Still no period. I genuinely thought I’d have come on like a horror movie by now but nope. I am kind of glad but also confused. As the pattern had been me coming on every 12-14 days. I had my letter for the ultrasound scan through the mail. It’s for Wednesday 27th at the hospital in Fleet. I’ve never been there before, everything is usually at Frimley Park. I hope the coil IS where it is meant to be.

Brett is coming down tonight. He’s getting a train so he’s off our end at 5ish. Scarlett has missed him. So have I tbh. She’s got dance class tomorrow and Sunday we’re going to my Dad’s for Father’s Day.



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