Dance class

Friday I turned my alarm off (asleep) and didn’t get up for work. Mom arrived at 7:15 and had to let herself in because we weren’t ready. Luckily between us we managed to sort Scarlett out and myself in 15 minutes, including making my lunch then leave to get breakfast. I got to work just before 8. I had a funny day. Lots of laughs. My last working day is in 3 weeks today. Then I’m away for a week then I start my new job. Exciting!

We went to my nan’s for the evening. We had a right laugh. Scarlett was on top form.

My mom walked round and at 10ish my Grandad was going to drop us all home. I was putting Scarlett in the car, stood with the door open and the dithering old git started reversing the car. Mom was like “Dad, stop. She’s not in the car yet!” He was all “sorry thought you in”. I was like “did you not notice the interior light was still on indicating a door was open”. He does make me chuckle sometimes.

Scarlett had a sleepover in my bed. We got in and watched Emmerdale then we turned it off to bed. It’s late but it’s one night, she’ll be fine.

Night terrors. Wtaf! She woke me up at 3am screaming and rolling around the bed. I tried to calm her down. She kept shoving me away, kicking me and screaming. It took me over half hour to calm her down and a further 20 minutes to get her to lay down and go to sleep. I had an idea it was a night terror but at first I thought she was just on one and when she kept kicking me I shouted at her. Then I cried because I felt guilty. She was already crying. It was just a mess. So then I was wide awake, starving AF at 4am. Awesome!

Managed to nod off then she woke at 6:30 wanting to get up. Like is she for real? I told her no, gave her the iPad in my bed and then laid next to her dozing. But I didn’t sleep. I’ve been awake since 6:30. We finally hauled out of bed at 8ish so I could make breakfast and a cup of tea (at her request). She’s had 2 meltdowns already due to tiredness. Dance class will be fun….not!

Saturday we did the first class at 9:15. She only took 5 minutes to join in and she seemed to enjoy herself. After it finished we had an hour and 15 minutes I’ll the next taster class at a different dance school. So we stopped at my nan’s for a cup of tea.

The second class didn’t go down as well. She took 18 minutes to join in and was more interested in the sticker they got afterwards. I’m leaning towards the first class because it seemed more structured than the second.

After dance my mom dropped us as my nan’s and she took us food shopping. She hadn’t been this week yet. She usually goes Fridays but she’s had lots of social services and school meetings lately, and had one yesterday. So off we went. Considering how tired Scarlett was, she did so well sitting in the trolley and didn’t even attempt to climb out etc. We paid and left. We ran myself to my flat and I packed away all fridge and freezer stuff then we headed to my Nan’s. Scarlett had lunch then she went up for a nap. When she woke she played with her sand and entertained everyone who was at my Nan’s. We had dinner there, so did my mom. We had spaghetti, meatballs and garlic bread. She didn’t eat that much considering she had said she was hungry. Scarlett I mean, not my mom! We had a cup of tea and my cousin bought Scarlett an ice cream from the truck when I came down the road. She’s never had one before because she’s been on Soya since she was 13 months old. But her eczema is fine nowadays so she has dairy now. She loved it. Made a right old mess though!

We headed home at 7:45. Put her straight in the bath then after 1 episodes of teletubbies she went to bed. She was asleep by 9.

I caught up with some more 13 Reasons Why Season 2. I think I went to bed at half 1.

Today we woke up at 8:45. Had breakfast then got dressed. My grandad picked us up at 10 and dropped us at the cinema. The movie started at 10:15. But it actually started half hour later due to the adverts and trailers. Scarlett sat quite well but she was fidgety and I had to keep an eye on her which means I don’t concentrate on the movie half as much. We watched Sherlock Gnomes. It wasn’t bad. I enjoyed it.

We got the bus back to my nans at 12:30 and dinner was dished up at 1:30. I put Scarlett up for a nap at 3 and she woke up an hour later. We stayed at my nans till mom got there then once she’d eaten her dinner and got the car back, we went home.

Scarlett had a bath and I showered then she had some fruit for supper. I put her to bed at 8:30 and now I’m just watching more Netflix.

I’m snacking as I’m hungry. I’ll watch a few episodes then go to bed as I’m working tomorrow.

Pretty sure I’m going to bleed tomorrow. I wiped and saw a tiny bit of blood. So that’ll be 13 days between this period and the one before. It’s an absolute joke! I can phone up tomorrow afternoon for my blood test results. I doubt they’ll come back with any issues out of the ordinary. So now it’ll just be a case of waiting for my letter to confirm a scan date. Awesome!