And just like that, it is June!

Friday was quiet at work. My manager has been on annual leave all week so I’ve been left to my own devices. I love it. Scarlett had a bath when we got home then we watched Emmerdale. She didn’t want to go to bed because I stupidly told her that Daddy was coming. So she waited up for him. She went to bed at 10:30. Brett and I ate dinner at half 10 then we caught up with each other. We went to sleep at 1am.

Saturday we got up at half 9. I did us breakfast. Mom took us shopping at 2ish. We had lunch then we bought some food. We went home and chilled. We had dinner at 7 then I bathed Scarlett. We put her to bed at half 8 but she didn’t settle till almost 10. We watched some more Prison Break [season 2 now]. It was so humid.

Sunday we woke at about 9ish. We had breakfast. We decided we’d go swimming then grab lunch. So we got to swimming at 11:45. We stayed half hour. She tried her new float vest. She wasn’t overly keen as it’s a bit big for her [but the smallest size they had was 2-3]. But overall she had a blast. We got out and went for lunch at Poppin’s Cafe. Scarlett was sat on the seat next to Brett in the booth. She managed to somehow get her leg stuck at the knee, between the metal on the booth seat and the partition wall. She was screaming. Brett got underneath the table and tried to manoeuvre her leg out. It wasn’t budging so he had to force her knee up and out. She was screaming. I had hold of her under the arms so I grabbed her for a cuddle to calm her down. In her little toddler brain she saw Brett as the enemy because he hurt her leg [he didn’t, obviously, he saved her] and pushed him away. He took it to heart a bit, and I understand that. I explained to him that all kids want their mom. I am almost 27 and I still want my mom when I am upset, in pain or feeling crappy. He wants his mom when he’s upset/hurt and he’s 26. So it’s totally normal. And she was fine with him 5 minutes later. We got a taxi back home with my brother and his girlfriend as they were in town. So we all got a ride back together.

When we got home we put Scarlett down for a nap then we watched Prison Break. At half 5ish I went and put dinner on. We ate then Brett bathed Scarlett. He then had a shower whilst I put her to bed. She didn’t actually settle till later. I went back in her room after my shower and laid with her. It’s the heat. No one wants to sleep when it’s so humid. We settled down to watch more Prison Break. We got into bed at half 11.

Today I woke at 6:45. I was in the kitchen making my lunch when Scarlett woke up. I let her out of bed and she went into my bedroom to see Brett. She seemed surprised he was still there. She was pleased though. We got dressed then we grabbed our stuff and headed out the door. Mom picked us up at 7:30. We dropped Scarlett at my Nan’s house then hit breakfast before getting to my work. My mom called me when I was at my desk. Her car had broken down in my work car park and she was desperate for the toilet. So I went down and let her in. She phoned AA and eventually got taken to my Nan’s so that my mechanic cousin could take a look at it. She is borrowing my grandad’s car for the time being as she’s working tonight. Can’t believe her car broke down outside my work. I went out to see her when she first called me and there was a bit of her car on the floor so I picked it up. It was a metal ring thing, almost as big as my palm. It burnt my fingers, it’s was very hot. I flung it in her car for her. Madness!

I can’t believe we are in June now. We got on holiday in 4 weeks today [28 days]. Brett is going to Bulgaria on Thursday. That’ll be a nice lads trip for him. He’s only away for a week and he’s back down to see us next weekend for Father’s Day. We’re going to my Dad’s for the day for Father’s Day. We’re going out for lunch. Should be nice.