Fleet Hospital

Monday was so hot. The office was fine with the windows open and the fans on. But my god it’s just so hot in general. Emmerdale was on for an hour and so was corrie. Been watching season 3 of The Killing and it’s so good! I’m loving this whole show from season 1 to now and I’ll be devastated when I finish season 4 lol what will I do with myself?

Scarlett’s room thermometer was saying 28 degrees. Too hot. So I checked her at 11:30pm and she was fine but she’d soiled her nappy. So I changed her and she didn’t even stir. She stayed fast asleep snoring. I took her nappy down to the outside bin then I asked her if she wanted to sleep in my bed. She got up, sleep walked to my bedroom and rolled onto the bed and was flat out asleep. She is so like me sometimes. Except if someone took my trousers down to wipe my butt I’d wake up, unlike her!

So she slept in my bed. I woke up a lot in the night from the heat. Must’ve woke 4/5 times.

Tuesday I was tired but I was ok. Work was slow. It seems that someone up north has taken over my job already but I haven’t been told. So I emailed my manager’s manager to ask why I’m even here if I’m not needed? He replied late last night saying he wasn’t aware of this as they’re not suppose to be picking up my work till I’ve left (July 2nd they’re meant to be starting).

We had dinner on the way home then I had a shower whilst mom watched her then I bathed her. We watched Emmerdale and spoke to Brett then I put her to bed. I watched Corrie then more The Killing.

Today we didn’t wake up till 9:45 when mom was ringing my house phone. I love a lay in. So does Scarlett. When I went in to her, she’d taken her nappy off (presumably because it was really wet) then just done her own vest back up and gone to sleep. However in doing this she wasn’t protected and she then weed her bed. Did make me chuckle a bit.

Mom brought breakfast found just after 10. We ate then watched some TV then we dressed and left for the hospital. I had an appointment for an ultrasound scan to check my coil is where it’s meant to be. And to make sure I don’t have cysts and anything else.

The scan was internal. They are uncomfortable for most women. But for me with my condition it’s another matter. It was agony. I’m glad the room was so dark as I actually had tears. She discussed some things with me but said to speak to my GP in a week or so for the full results.

We went food shopping afterwards then Home. Scarlett went for a nap at half 2 after some lunch and woke at 5:15 when my mom and her friend turned up for our usual Wednesday natter. I cooked us dinner then she had a bath at 7:30. We watched a film as there was no Emmerdale on. She went to bed at half 9ish. I caught up on Elementary and then I climbed into bed at half 11.

2 days left at work. 5 days till holiday!!!



First summer BBQ

Monday they all picked me up from work. Brett and I had dinner then a shower before he headed home.

Tuesday Scarlett was confused. She kept asking “where daddy gone?” Emmerdale was on for an hour as it hadn’t been on TV on Monday. This is due to the bloody World Cup. Can’t wait for the football to piss off tbh!

Wednesday we decided to go to my mom’s after work. Her friend still comes on Wednesdays and we alternate who hosts. Last week was my turn so it was mom’s turn this week. We stayed for a cuppa then left just after 7 for Home. I did her bath then sorted some dinner when she was in bed. She was awake till gone 9. Don’t know what her problems with sleeping are lately!

Thursday I woke up at 5am with a migraine so I ended up calling in sick. I sent Scarlett to Nursery then I spent 3 hours in my front room with the curtains shut. Eventually it dulled enough for me to get up and put some washing on. I watched some TV. More The Killing. Finished season 2 now. The killer was NOT who I expected. I look forward to season 3!

Friday I went into work. It my head started hurting again so I caught up on my work and left at 12:30. I needed food shopping so I popped to Morrison’s then mom and I stopped at my nans house. We picked Scarlett up at 4:30 then we went home.

She wanted to go to my nans for the evening, like we sometimes do. So we had a bath then we went to my nans at 7. She dropped us home at 10. Scarlett went to bed. I hadn’t eaten dinner (she’d ate at Nursery) so I cooked myself something whilst catching up with Emmerdale then at midnight I got into bed.

Saturday we woke up at 7:30. I wasn’t ready to get up so I made her lay in my bed, watching teletubbies on my iPad, till I ready. We got up at 8:15. I did us some porridge then we threw some bits in an overnight bag then we left. Mom dropped us in Aldershot so we could go to see Teletubbies Live. It started at 10 and it was brilliant. She absolutely loved it. It was 25 minutes of show then a 10 minute interval, followed by another 20 minutes of show. She thoroughly enjoyed herself. She joined in with some of the songs, actions and lots of waving. It was great.

We got a bus to the train station and were on the train by 12:02. However everyone must’ve decided to go out because we were packed in the carriage, stood up, like sardines. People who are so self-absorbed never saw Scarlett and kept kneeing her. I picked her up but holding myself upright was difficult. Eventually we got off at Clapham and got on another train to Wimbledon. At Wimbledon we finally got a tram to mitcham junction. When we got to Brett’s house we had a sandwich then we relaxed. At 4:30 we went to drop his little brother off at his friends then we went to Sainsbury’s for nappies.

Scarlett fell asleep in the car. Danger nap! We had dinner at half 6. She ate more than I expected considering Brett gave her an ice lolly about an hour before dinner. Silly sod lol

After dinner she had a bath then we chilled for the evening. I thought about putting her to bed when Brett gave her some of his juice (instant sugar hit as she doesn’t drink juice often) then a chocolate lollie pop. I was like WTF you doing? She’s going to bed. So she ended up having to go to bed at 10, when she’d calmed down but before she hit that sugar crash.

I crawled into Brett’s bed at half 11 because I was shattered. I’d been up since 7:30 and just been GO GO GO all day! He said he’d follow me shortly. He didn’t. Well he says he did but he said I was snoring so he slept on the sofa!

Today Scarlett woke up about quarter to 9. So a good lay in. We got up and had breakfast. I got her dressed then she went shopping with her nanny and Grandad. I got dressed and just chilled out, baby-free. She had a quick sandwich at 12:30 then I took her into the bedroom for a nap. She slept an hour then Brett took her into the front room. I slept for like 2 hours. Completely missed the England football game. Apparently we won 6-1. Impressive. We had a BBQ at half 3/4ish. I had two chicken burgers. Scarlett had 1 normal beef burger. Plus some cucumber. She likes that.

We got on the tram at 6 to Wimbledon and then switched to a train and got off at home at 7:30. Mom picked us up. We got straight in and had a bath then we watched some teletubbies then I put her to bed at 9:15.

I caught up with Corrie then The Resident and now I’m in bed. It’s too hot in my flat, even with windows open.

Work tomorrow. I have 5 days left then I’m finished in my department for good. We got away a week tomorrow. Cornwall. I’m excited. It should be good.


Ps. Got a banging headache. Had it all day. It’s this bloody sunshine. I wish winter would hurry up!!!!

The cast of “A Bugs Life” love my flat

Friday mom and I picked up Scarlett from nursery then we swung by the station to pick Brett up. Scarlett was so excited to see him. When we got in he did her bath whilst I cooked dinner. We ate and Scarlett tried to “help” us. We watched some TV then we put her to bed.

We caught up on all his stories from his holiday and he showed me all the pictures and videos. We carried on watching Prison Break. We tried not to go to bed too late as we knew we had to be up early-ish Saturday.

Saturday I woke up at 8ish. Scarlett was awake. I let her out of her bedroom. I tried to wake Brett. It took 45 minutes for him to get his ass moving. He really hates waking up, and being woken up. We left for dance class at 9ish. Scarlett did brilliantly. Brett watched her through the window and he was so proud of her. After dance we went into town. I needed to get a Father’s Day card for both Brett and my Dad plus do some food shopping. So we went to Poppins Cafe so Brett could have breakfast [Scarlett had some toast even though she’d already eaten]. We then hit the card factory before heading to Sainsburys. After shopping we went home and stayed home. Neither of us has any money so we had a chill afternoon/evening at home.

Sunday we got up at 8ish. I did Scarlett some breakfast then when she was done I made Brett some toast and we took his present and card to him in bed, to open. He was pleased with his gift and Scarlett was all over him like a rash because he had toast lol #fathersday

We got picked up at quarter to 10. We missed the 09:59 train by mere seconds so we had to wait another hour. Scarlett was very well behaved, thankfully, as we hadn’t brought the stroller. We saw my brother’s fiancé Nat on the opposite platform. As we had so long to wait Brett took Scarlett over the bridge to say Hi as she loves her “Nat Nat”. We got on the train at 11 and after changing at Basingstoke we got to Dad’s just before 12. He picked us up.

We had some lunch then Scarlett went with my step-mom to walk the dogs and Brett and I went shopping with my Dad. Child-free shopping. Like for reals! Then we had a costa. A child-free costa. It was nice spending adult time with Dad, and Brett. They’re like two bloody peas in a pod TBH. After shopping and costa we went back to Dad’s. Scarlett had had a lovely time and didn’t seem to miss us much lol we had a self serve BBQ buffet style dinner and the steak was DELICIOUS.

We got on the train at 6:11 and were off the other end at 7. We waited half hour for a taxi [no buses that late] and eventually got home at 7:45. Brett bathed Scarlett and she went to bed about half 8. We watched some more Prison Break and then we realised it was super late so we got into bed. It was like 12:30 and I noticed a bloody spider hanging from my ceiling so Brett had to get up and get rid of it. We had just laid back down and this massive black winged thing came flying over our heads and smacked into the same place where the spider was dangling before. Brett spent 10 minutes chasing it around the bedroom with a rolled up magazine. I just stood outside the bedroom panicking lol we eventually laid back down at 1:30 and he went straight to sleep. I laid there for a while hoping nothing else came wandering in.

Today I got up at 7 and sorted me and Scarlett. I kissed Brett’s head goodbye and left. I whatsapped him to say there is bread for toast and to help himself. Otherwise he doesn’t eat anything lol bless him. Watching another episode of The Killing on lunch. I love it!

IMG_0350This picture says a lot. She absolutely loves the bones of him. She copies his every little trait and quirk. She asks about him every day. He is the best King to raise our Princess and I am forever grateful that he loves her the way he does, it’s not easy raising another man’s child. But for him, and me, she IS his child. He wipes her tears away, he magic kisses her sore knee, reads her bedtime stories, gives her a bath, washes her hair, changes her nappy, dresses her, puts her hair up and so much more. That’s what being a Dad is all about.

We love you baby, Happy Father’s Day.


Period, maybe?

Monday I did not want to get up and go to work. I slept okay considering I was almost at the end of season 2 of 13 Reasons Why. It’s very intense. I just woke up in an awful mood which I feel was further proof of an impending period. However all day I spot checked when I visited the toilets and nothing much happened aside from some lightly tinged pink stuff when I wiped [TMI, sorry]. I finally finished watching 13 Reasons Why. The finale was brutal. But the actual last 5 minutes were proper shite. They totally could’ve gone in a different direction, and lined up more with actual real life American high schools. But hey, it’s over now. I can move onto something new. I just started watching something else on Netflix called The Killing. It’s interesting, so far.

So I called up about my blood test results. The receptionist said that they all mostly came back normal but there was a note on the results for me to make a telephone appointment to discuss the results. So I said Ok let’s book one. She said the earliest they have is next Tuesday. Well I guess it can’t be urgent so I assume I won’t die between now and then haha probably just need to discuss my iron level or something equally as mundane and non-life threatening.

Tuesday it was so hot when I woke up. My flat really does retain the fucking heat. It’s unreal and it’s only June. FML!

Work was fine. Office got warm but with the windows open and the fan on it was fine.

Scarlett really has got in the habit of not going to sleep till nearly 9. Which in itself is not an issue as she’s still in bed by 7:30/8pm. But she shouts my name, sings to herself and constantly asks me what I’m doing if she catches me going into the kitchen. She’s so cheeky.

Wednesday I decided to book her a doctors appointment as her cough hasn’t got better. She’s had it on/off for a month now. So I phoned up and initially they gave me an OOH appointment for Sunday at the hospital’s outpatients department. I agreed then when I hung up I remembered we were going to visit my dad Sunday. For Father’s Day. So I called back up and asked if I could cancel the OOH appointment and make one for the actual doctor’s surgery. So they said they had a sit-and-wait appointment clinic for 12. So I said that’s fine.

I text my mom to figure out picking me up then Scarlett up. But she never got back to me. I tried to call her and she didn’t answer, it didn’t even ring. I assumed by that point that she must be napping in preparation for working tonight. So I got a taxi to pick me up from work at 11:30. We got to the Nursery at 11:40. I picked her up then the taxi driver (very nice man) dropped us at the doctor’s. We arrived at 11:45 so that was good. We waited to be seen and Scarlett said she was cold so I gave her my hoodie. Because I’d come from work I didn’t have any of her stuff with me. Not even her water bottle or a nappy. Maybe in future I should carry a few bits in my bag. I use to. I just stopped because I never ever needed them.

So the doctor says she thinks Scarlett’s suffering with hayfever. She had bad eyes a few weeks ago, she’s been constantly snotty or sneezing and this cough has been on/off for a month. She said that hayfever, eczema and asthma are all linked. And she asked our history and I said that my mom and brother both have asthma. Her biological dad Harry has eczema and I have hayfever. She has eczema. But it’s in a good condition now compared to when she was little. And I did have eczema as a child too. So she was bound to suffer. So they’ve prescribed an inhaler to try at nighttime. And told me to give her piriton in the morning and see how she gets on.

So after the doctor’s we went to my Nan’s. I put her down for a nap at 1:30 then woke her at about 3ish. She had dinner then we walked home with Mom. Wendy [my mom’s BFF & Scarlett’s godmom] came round like she usually does Wednesdays. I spoke to Brett, we video called. First time we’d managed to properly. He spoke to Scarlett briefly. She was too distracted by Wendy being here, she loves her! She had her bath and I gave her the inhaler. She was a pro at breathing in and out.

Thursday was cooler in the morning. Almost chilly. But by the afternoon it had warmed up significantly. The day was the same as usual. I tracked Brett’s flight online and he arrived safely at Gatwick at 2:30. I got in and put together the 2 new fans I had ordered. One for Scarlett’s room [as her current one is shit] and one for my bedroom so I didn’t have to keep moving the one I had in the lounge. It’s heavy to carry back and forth. Scarlett had a bath [and spoke to Brett on Facetime]. I put her TV on in her room so I could shut the stair gate and bath in peace. She kept coming to her doorway to say Hi [as she can see in the bathroom from there] and then she’d wander off again. At least she didn’t cry about me “leaving her in her room” like she did before. I explained to her why I needed to shut her gate. Safety reasons. Also, I don’t want her “helping” me bath, like last time. So we did that then we watched Emmerdale. I put her to bed at 8ish and cooked myself dinner. I watched the second Emmerdale then caught up with The Resident then more The Killing.

Friday I woke up with horrid sticky, itchy eyes. Scarlett and I got dressed, brushed our teeth then I did her breakfast. Whilst she ate I did her hair then Nan turned up so I left. I wasn’t sure whether to wear my jean shorts. But I decided not to. So I grabbed my normal jeans. I don’t get “massively hot” in the office as we have the windows open and the fan on if necessary. Still no period. I genuinely thought I’d have come on like a horror movie by now but nope. I am kind of glad but also confused. As the pattern had been me coming on every 12-14 days. I had my letter for the ultrasound scan through the mail. It’s for Wednesday 27th at the hospital in Fleet. I’ve never been there before, everything is usually at Frimley Park. I hope the coil IS where it is meant to be.

Brett is coming down tonight. He’s getting a train so he’s off our end at 5ish. Scarlett has missed him. So have I tbh. She’s got dance class tomorrow and Sunday we’re going to my Dad’s for Father’s Day.


Dance class

Friday I turned my alarm off (asleep) and didn’t get up for work. Mom arrived at 7:15 and had to let herself in because we weren’t ready. Luckily between us we managed to sort Scarlett out and myself in 15 minutes, including making my lunch then leave to get breakfast. I got to work just before 8. I had a funny day. Lots of laughs. My last working day is in 3 weeks today. Then I’m away for a week then I start my new job. Exciting!

We went to my nan’s for the evening. We had a right laugh. Scarlett was on top form.

My mom walked round and at 10ish my Grandad was going to drop us all home. I was putting Scarlett in the car, stood with the door open and the dithering old git started reversing the car. Mom was like “Dad, stop. She’s not in the car yet!” He was all “sorry thought you in”. I was like “did you not notice the interior light was still on indicating a door was open”. He does make me chuckle sometimes.

Scarlett had a sleepover in my bed. We got in and watched Emmerdale then we turned it off to bed. It’s late but it’s one night, she’ll be fine.

Night terrors. Wtaf! She woke me up at 3am screaming and rolling around the bed. I tried to calm her down. She kept shoving me away, kicking me and screaming. It took me over half hour to calm her down and a further 20 minutes to get her to lay down and go to sleep. I had an idea it was a night terror but at first I thought she was just on one and when she kept kicking me I shouted at her. Then I cried because I felt guilty. She was already crying. It was just a mess. So then I was wide awake, starving AF at 4am. Awesome!

Managed to nod off then she woke at 6:30 wanting to get up. Like is she for real? I told her no, gave her the iPad in my bed and then laid next to her dozing. But I didn’t sleep. I’ve been awake since 6:30. We finally hauled out of bed at 8ish so I could make breakfast and a cup of tea (at her request). She’s had 2 meltdowns already due to tiredness. Dance class will be fun….not!

Saturday we did the first class at 9:15. She only took 5 minutes to join in and she seemed to enjoy herself. After it finished we had an hour and 15 minutes I’ll the next taster class at a different dance school. So we stopped at my nan’s for a cup of tea.

The second class didn’t go down as well. She took 18 minutes to join in and was more interested in the sticker they got afterwards. I’m leaning towards the first class because it seemed more structured than the second.

After dance my mom dropped us as my nan’s and she took us food shopping. She hadn’t been this week yet. She usually goes Fridays but she’s had lots of social services and school meetings lately, and had one yesterday. So off we went. Considering how tired Scarlett was, she did so well sitting in the trolley and didn’t even attempt to climb out etc. We paid and left. We ran myself to my flat and I packed away all fridge and freezer stuff then we headed to my Nan’s. Scarlett had lunch then she went up for a nap. When she woke she played with her sand and entertained everyone who was at my Nan’s. We had dinner there, so did my mom. We had spaghetti, meatballs and garlic bread. She didn’t eat that much considering she had said she was hungry. Scarlett I mean, not my mom! We had a cup of tea and my cousin bought Scarlett an ice cream from the truck when I came down the road. She’s never had one before because she’s been on Soya since she was 13 months old. But her eczema is fine nowadays so she has dairy now. She loved it. Made a right old mess though!

We headed home at 7:45. Put her straight in the bath then after 1 episodes of teletubbies she went to bed. She was asleep by 9.

I caught up with some more 13 Reasons Why Season 2. I think I went to bed at half 1.

Today we woke up at 8:45. Had breakfast then got dressed. My grandad picked us up at 10 and dropped us at the cinema. The movie started at 10:15. But it actually started half hour later due to the adverts and trailers. Scarlett sat quite well but she was fidgety and I had to keep an eye on her which means I don’t concentrate on the movie half as much. We watched Sherlock Gnomes. It wasn’t bad. I enjoyed it.

We got the bus back to my nans at 12:30 and dinner was dished up at 1:30. I put Scarlett up for a nap at 3 and she woke up an hour later. We stayed at my nans till mom got there then once she’d eaten her dinner and got the car back, we went home.

Scarlett had a bath and I showered then she had some fruit for supper. I put her to bed at 8:30 and now I’m just watching more Netflix.

I’m snacking as I’m hungry. I’ll watch a few episodes then go to bed as I’m working tomorrow.

Pretty sure I’m going to bleed tomorrow. I wiped and saw a tiny bit of blood. So that’ll be 13 days between this period and the one before. It’s an absolute joke! I can phone up tomorrow afternoon for my blood test results. I doubt they’ll come back with any issues out of the ordinary. So now it’ll just be a case of waiting for my letter to confirm a scan date. Awesome!


Terrorised by a damn spider!

Tuesday I was knackered. No idea why. I filmed Scarlett singing/talking at home. I have to be sneaky otherwise she clocks the phone and shuts up! She didn’t go to sleep until gone 9, again. It’s become habit I think. I don’t even care as she’s not really any trouble. But I worry she’s not getting enough sleep. She has been a tad aggy when I wake her in the mornings.

Wednesday I had my blood test. Mom doesn’t usually work Tuesday nights but she agreed to help them out as they were short staffed. And she had forgotten about my prearranged blood test. So bless her she had to get up from her sleep at half 11 to pick me up and take me to the doctor’s. Thankfully it only took 5 minutes and then I treated her to lunch on the way back to the office. I will get the results on Monday.

Later I was told that Scarlett had had a meltdown at Nursery because a fly had landed on her arm. My mom said it was down to me and my “irrational fears” of bugs. Not entirely true. Yes I do have a fear of bugs, wasps and spiders. However I have tried so desperately hard not to project these fears outwardly when Scarlett is around. I do not want her to have fears for no reason [although IMO there are good reasons to fear them]. So I know she hasn’t “copied” me when it comes to flies. Plus I don’t actually have an issue with flies, except their buzzing is annoying.

Scarlett lost one of her earrings. No one idea where. I searched the flat but I can’t find it anywhere. Must’ve come off at Nursery/Nan’s house. As she’s only had them pierced 8 months they will close up. So I ordered her 2 sets of 3 pairs and Nan said she’d pick them up the next day and put a pair in her ears for me. I put her to bed at 7:30. She fell asleep but woke up at midnight as I checked her before I went to sleep and she was soaking wet. I changed her and she was still asleep. But she woke as I crept out of her room. Go figure! So she ended up in my bed. We slept ok, considering.

Today we woke up at 7ish. We were running late and had only just started eating breakfast when my Nan showed up. My mom called to say she was running late as she got stuck at work. She picked me up at 8ish and I was 15 minutes late to work. My dad was down, locally, so he said we should meet up. So he picked me up at 12 and we went to costa. I had a hot chocolate. We had a catch up. He told me he was down for dental treatment. We went to my Nan’s so he could see Scarlett. She was surprised to see me as she never sees me in the week usually. Bless her. He dropped me back just after 1ish.

Lately I have been feeling really out of sorts. Hormonal. It’s slowly been getting worse the last few months. Ever since my periods starting going whacky. It’s this coil. It must be. This is why I went to my doctor’s about it and they’re sending me for the scan and the blood test. As a rule I am not an overly emotional person. But lately I find myself either irrationally weepy or angry. I flip at the slightest thing. It’s very draining. I cried because I shouted at Scarlett, who was not bothered. But she cried when I cried and gave me a cuddle, wiped my tear away and said “mama what’s the matter?” – this in turn made me feel worse BTW. Actually hate being female ya know!

Not got much planned tonight. I do washing on Thursday’s [and Sunday’s] so I know my work trousers are clean for next week. Plus I have 4 days worth of washing from Scarlett’s room to do. Mostly just her paint-riddled outfits from Nursery lol

Going to sort Scarlett’s bath and then we’ll watch Emmerdale. Then she can go to bed. Then I’ll just catch up with some TV/reading.


And just like that, it is June!

Friday was quiet at work. My manager has been on annual leave all week so I’ve been left to my own devices. I love it. Scarlett had a bath when we got home then we watched Emmerdale. She didn’t want to go to bed because I stupidly told her that Daddy was coming. So she waited up for him. She went to bed at 10:30. Brett and I ate dinner at half 10 then we caught up with each other. We went to sleep at 1am.

Saturday we got up at half 9. I did us breakfast. Mom took us shopping at 2ish. We had lunch then we bought some food. We went home and chilled. We had dinner at 7 then I bathed Scarlett. We put her to bed at half 8 but she didn’t settle till almost 10. We watched some more Prison Break [season 2 now]. It was so humid.

Sunday we woke at about 9ish. We had breakfast. We decided we’d go swimming then grab lunch. So we got to swimming at 11:45. We stayed half hour. She tried her new float vest. She wasn’t overly keen as it’s a bit big for her [but the smallest size they had was 2-3]. But overall she had a blast. We got out and went for lunch at Poppin’s Cafe. Scarlett was sat on the seat next to Brett in the booth. She managed to somehow get her leg stuck at the knee, between the metal on the booth seat and the partition wall. She was screaming. Brett got underneath the table and tried to manoeuvre her leg out. It wasn’t budging so he had to force her knee up and out. She was screaming. I had hold of her under the arms so I grabbed her for a cuddle to calm her down. In her little toddler brain she saw Brett as the enemy because he hurt her leg [he didn’t, obviously, he saved her] and pushed him away. He took it to heart a bit, and I understand that. I explained to him that all kids want their mom. I am almost 27 and I still want my mom when I am upset, in pain or feeling crappy. He wants his mom when he’s upset/hurt and he’s 26. So it’s totally normal. And she was fine with him 5 minutes later. We got a taxi back home with my brother and his girlfriend as they were in town. So we all got a ride back together.

When we got home we put Scarlett down for a nap then we watched Prison Break. At half 5ish I went and put dinner on. We ate then Brett bathed Scarlett. He then had a shower whilst I put her to bed. She didn’t actually settle till later. I went back in her room after my shower and laid with her. It’s the heat. No one wants to sleep when it’s so humid. We settled down to watch more Prison Break. We got into bed at half 11.

Today I woke at 6:45. I was in the kitchen making my lunch when Scarlett woke up. I let her out of bed and she went into my bedroom to see Brett. She seemed surprised he was still there. She was pleased though. We got dressed then we grabbed our stuff and headed out the door. Mom picked us up at 7:30. We dropped Scarlett at my Nan’s house then hit breakfast before getting to my work. My mom called me when I was at my desk. Her car had broken down in my work car park and she was desperate for the toilet. So I went down and let her in. She phoned AA and eventually got taken to my Nan’s so that my mechanic cousin could take a look at it. She is borrowing my grandad’s car for the time being as she’s working tonight. Can’t believe her car broke down outside my work. I went out to see her when she first called me and there was a bit of her car on the floor so I picked it up. It was a metal ring thing, almost as big as my palm. It burnt my fingers, it’s was very hot. I flung it in her car for her. Madness!

I can’t believe we are in June now. We got on holiday in 4 weeks today [28 days]. Brett is going to Bulgaria on Thursday. That’ll be a nice lads trip for him. He’s only away for a week and he’s back down to see us next weekend for Father’s Day. We’re going to my Dad’s for the day for Father’s Day. We’re going out for lunch. Should be nice.