Coils, bleeding and being a girl sucks

Monday we woke up at 8am. Had some toast and watched some TV. We played her animal bingo then we got ready to go swimming. I had stupidly told her we’d go then I changed my mind in the morning because of the weather being so rubbish. But she has the memory of an elephant so she kept asking to go… It’s so humid. We waited for the bus and got to swimming just before 11. We only stayed half hour. Scarlett gets bored [and cold] but she did have a laugh. I need to buy her a float vest. She’s always been too skinny for arm bands and with swimming lessons they weren’t required so it’s been tough getting her to wear any. But in the water she wants you to let go but you can’t, obviously!

We left the leisure centre at 11:45 and stopped at Poppins cafe for lunch. She was so good, sitting still and eating her lunch nicely. Sometimes I forget she’s only 2. After lunch we went to the bookstore then headed home.

I put her down for a nap at 2ish. My brother and his girlfriend stopped by on their way home from town. When they left I stuck Shadowhunters on. I managed to watch 2 episodes and Scarlett was still asleep at half 4. She must’ve been knackered after swimming and the heat. She woke up at 5. I cooked us some dinner then we had a bath (I showered whilst she played in the bath water). We watched Emmerdale and then I put her to bed. She wasn’t tired so I put teletubbies on her little TV and she sat in bed watching for an hour. I came in to turn it off and she wanted to cuddle with me so I sat her on the sofa whilst I watched some TV then at 9 I put her back down as Corrie was on and this week it’s not designed for children, hence the 9pm viewing. I climbed in her bed for a cuddle as she wasn’t settling. She was being silly with her pillow and kept bopping me with me. She was giggling. She eventually went to sleep and I watched more Shadowhunters. I’ve hit a wall as there’s only 10 episodes on Netflix but I know there’s about 20 in the season. The rest of the season comes back in August. WTAF! Sucks balls! It was getting really interesting and everyone thinks Clary is dead but I know she isn’t. I’m just not sure HOW she survived the blast!?

Tuesday I had work. I spent all morning catching up on what I had missed during my 1.5 days off. I came on my period in the evening. No warning, nothing. Just ruined a pair of my new pants. And also, I only had a period 12 days ago. Like OMG WTAF? This is not normal but it’s become a pattern. So I decided I’d need to make a doctor’s appointment the next day.

Wednesday I went to work and I phoned my doctor’s when they opened after 8. Surprisingly I managed to get an appointment the same day. Mom picked me up at 9am. My appointment was 9:20 but I wasn’t seen till about 9:35. Doctor agreed with me that bleeding every 12 days is far from normal. She said a blood test would be prudent, and she’s referred me for an ultrasound scan, just to make sure the coil is “where it’s meant to be”. Also it can see if I have any cysts. I know I didn’t have any when I had Scarlett as they cut me open so they’d have seen. However that was 2.5 years ago, a lot can change I suppose. We’ll see what happens. My blood test is next Wednesday.

Scarlett has got into a habit of not wanting to go to sleep when she’s suppose to. So I’ve been putting her down at 7:30ish and she’s only nodding off at like 9pm the past few nights. I think it’s because on our long weekend I let her stay up a little later, and that meant she woke up later in the mornings. And it’s just become a cycle. Also, she has a case of FOMO!

Today I feel like crap. Last night my left foot started hurting when I tried to bear any weight. I haven’t bashed it or anything. I tried not to hobble or limp as this throws everything else. Same as when the knee on the same leg has been acting up [months now] and I just got on with it. I think I maybe pulled something, I am just not sure how, when or where? Today it hurts when I walk up/down stairs but not as much when I walk on a flat surface. Go figure!

No plans tonight. Probably do some washing and just chill. I am so drained [period] and tired [humidity affecting my sleep].


PS. How cute is she?


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