A Hot Bank Holiday Weekend

Wednesday was alright. I worked then came home. Cooked us dinner then she had a bath and went to bed.

Thursday I had a headache. I was at work till lunch then I left. I had lunch at my nan’s then mom picked me as Scarlett up. We grabbed dinner on our way home.

Friday I had the day booked off as the repair guys were coming to install a pump to fix my shower so mom picked up Scarlett at 8 and took her to Nursery then she picked up breakfast. The repair guys turned up at 9. They left at 11. Mom and I went food shopping. I spent like £90 but I had a lot I wanted to “stock up” on whilst I had the money, rather than run out in 3 weeks and be skint lol mom dropped her shopping home then she came to mine for lunch. We went round my nan’s for a cuppa then we headed to pick up Scarlett at half 4ish.

I bathed Scarlett then we went to my nan’s for the evening. Brett got off the train at 10. We picked him up then went home. Scarlett went to bed at 10:30.

We watched some TV and had a catch up.

Saturday we were going to go to her ballet class taster session but I didn’t want to wake her. It wasn’t set in stone, I had simply had inquired. So we stayed in bed and had a nice lay in. We went round my nans at 2ish. Scarlett went down for a nap so we popped to Sainsbury’s. I got some new pants and socks (living the high life) plus a new top. I also got Scarlett a new toy. It was a wooden tool set. She loves “helping” my grandad when he’s hammering stuff lol we left her at my nans for dinner and went home. Brett and I had dinner then he had a shower. We left at 7ish and dropped some stuff at my nans then we went to the cinema. We watched Deadpool 2. It was good.

It started raining when we were waiting for the bus home. It was humid out though which was annoying. We stayed up playing Harry Potter Trivial Pursuit in bed. I won a few times and he won once. HP master, me!

Sunday we woke up at 10ish and had breakfast. Scarlett got dropped home at 11. We watched some TV and then I put her down for a nap. She didn’t wanna go to sleep though so she just laid in bed playing with her teddies. We left for my nan’s at 1:30 for dinner. We stayed till 4:30 then my nan dropped Brett at the train station and then me and Scarlett home.

We had some supper, Scarlett had some fruit. I ran her a bath then I washed my hair under the shower before getting us both dried and dressed. We chilled out (and tried to cool down) before I sent her off to bed. She went to sleep within half hour but woke up a little while later crying. She was sweaty AF, bless her!

I’m catching up with Shadowhunters season 3 atm.

Got the day off tomorrow as it’s a bank holiday so I get to spend an extra day with my baby girl. Depends on the weather but I may take her swimming.



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