5 Year Blog-O-Versary

WordPress notified today that I set up my blog exactly 5 years ago today. I am quite impressed that I’ve stuck out blogging for half a decade. Happy Blog-O-Versary to me.

In that time I have changed jobs 3 times working initially at HomeSense then Carpet and Flooring. Finally landing on my feet at MITIE.

I had various dalliances with guys. Some romantically. Some less so. Some weirdos, some nice guys. Some I took home, some I met away from home and some I weren’t sure on.

I found myself pregnant and facing parenthood alone. I talked about how it felt to be abandoned and how I almost preferred it, after listening to my married friends arguments with their partners about names, the nursery and god know’s what else.

I had a baby and expressed all the feelings that came with new parenthood. The aftermath of an unscheduled C-Section. Meeting new mom friends.

I met someone new. I tried not to discuss in depth our relationship. Which I would have thought he’d have appreciated.

I travelled to various cities to meet new friends. I spent a lot of time trying to have fun before I had to go back to work.

I went back to work and faced the challenges, and stresses, that brings. Mostly down to the fact that emotionally and mentally I was not ready to return. I should’ve took the full year, plus holiday on top. 

I documented Scarlett meeting Harry [her Dad] for the first time. And some of his family. It started off well but kind of exploded. One day we may work that out, you never know. My door is always open for him. It’s up to him to want to see Scarlett.

I’ve documented her milestones, her first Easter, Halloween, Fireworks Night, Christmas and birthday. Then her first Aeroplane ride, her first trip abroad. Her first tooth, her first steps, her first words and everything in between.

And recently it’s been all about our move from living with my mom to our new 2 bedroom flat. It has been challenging to say the least but we done it. We got in. I have mostly got everything sorted from a financial standpoint. As for unpacked boxes, it’s getting there.

I can honestly say that when I started blogging I was completely down on my luck. I was 12 weeks into being unemployed, bored AF and had no direction. I decided I would return to study and find a part time job. I did both of these things and then I returned to full time work at a company on a contractual basis and remembered why working full time was great. Money. I landed at MITIE by chance, having temped there in 2012. I wasn’t sure if it was the job for me but fate intervened. May 2015, just 12 weeks into my job, I found myself pregnant. From there on, my path was set. Parenthood. Worklife. It’s been an amazing, albeit up and down, journey. I started off with no job and no prospects. 5 years later I have a brilliantly smart 2 year old, a decent permanent job and I’ve just moved into a little flat of our own. It’s not perfect, but it’s ours.

Here’s to the next 5 years [where I will be 32, yikes!]



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