Night 3

So our first night was alright. It’s weird because I must’ve gotten acclimatised to the motorway noises. Having lived next to the M3 for 23 years I think I had become used to the background noise and being in my flat, away from it, it’s eerily quiet.

Monday I slept okay and got up before Scarlett did. I brushed my teeth and got dressed. She woke up at 10 to 7. I dressed her then put teletubbies on so I could make her breakfast then my lunch. She ate some fruit and then we got our coats on and left. My mom picked us up at 7:30. We dropped Scarlett to my Nan’s house then we drove to my work.

My day wasn’t bad. I caught up with all the emails from Friday when I was off. My cousin had a new phone because hers wasn’t working so my Nan tasked me with setting it up. I am the tech person. So I made mom and Scarlett a cup of tea then mom helped me fill out some forms for Housing Benefit. Scarlett had a bath at 6:30 then she had her milk whilst we watched Emmerdale. When it was done I put her in bed and made myself some dinner. Monday/Friday she eats at Nursery. I watched Corrie then I watched Criminal Minds as it was Monday. Then I watched another then Blindspot. I climbed into bed at midnight and read some of my book. I fell asleep about 2ish.


Today was the same except I was tired when I got to work having only had 5 hours sleep. I had the weirdest dream, which I can’t even recall now. At lunch mom ran me down the council offices so I could give in my forms and my 20 thousand forms of ID [okay, maybe not that many but so many]. I am entitled to help with my rent which coupled with me working full time means I haven’t got to worry too much about that aspect. I still have to pay a lot of it myself but I can breathe a little. I went back to the office and ate my lunch whilst I worked.

I messaged Harry’s mom to tell her we’ve moved, and where to. I asked her to pass my address onto Harry as he’s blocked me or changed his number again. He has a right to know where his daughter sleeps. I am on my way home from work now.

I bought a really cheap but efficient [and small] tumble dryer. It’s being delivered on Thursday a long with my counter top freezer. I needed both. I also ordered some towels and stuff from Studio online. It’s slowly coming together. My internet is being installed Thursday too. I decided to go with TalkTalk for TV, broadband and phone. It will be about £36 a month on a fixed rate for 18 months. I can’t wait to be able to set up my SmartTV.

I just have tomorrow at work then Thursday morning then I am done for Easter. Can’t wait to spend the weekend with Scarlett. In our home. Our home.



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