OMG we’ve moved

Friday was the longest day in a long time. I hit 10,000 steps. Scarlett went off to Nursery. Brett and I went to my nan’s. We went to the estate agents so I could sign the tenancy agreement. We headed back and had a cup of tea then we went round the road to pick up the transit van. They had failed to mention the £500 damage deposit. I shit a brick. They bumped it down to £250 and I put it on my credit card. My grandad did the inspection so I headed off to the flat for the check in and inventory. It took an hour so we didn’t get back to my nans house till gone 11. Then we went to my house to pack up what we could then they unloaded. Then we packed a few more bits then at 12:15 we headed to my friends house to pick up my sofa. It took us ages to get it in the van but we did then we took everything to my flat to unload. At one point all I could see was shit everywhere. Boxes. Bags. Stuff. Furniture. Just so much!

Everyone left at 5ish. Brett put Scarlett’s cot back up as she was dropped off at 5 and needed to go to bed. She got a bit upset and asked to “go home”. So I had to explain that was Home. She was ok after a cuddle and she went straight to sleep.

Brett put my bed back up. We ordered pizza then stuck a film on. We got into bed at 1 and went to sleep at 2.

Saturday I didn’t get a lay in. Scarlett woke up at 7:15. Which was fine. We got up and had breakfast. Brett got up just before 8. We chilled then I dressed Scarlett. She was picked up just before 10 by my mom’s friend. Brett and I concentrated on the boxes. He put together my new table and chairs from IKEA. Very impressed lol we put up the stairgate on Scarlett’s bedroom hen we walked to my nan’s house. She drove us into town. We needed to pick up my delivery from wilkos plus I had to pick up the stairgate extender from Argos. The stairs width was too wide for the stairgate I had so I needed the extender. Once we picked everything up we dropped it home. We went to my nans for tea then Scarlett was dropped back. We went home and Brett put up the stairgate on the landing. I cooked some dinner after Scarlett went to bed. We watched a film and enjoyed some Asti to toast the new place. I went to bed at midnight because I was shattered.

Sunday (today) I woke up at half 9. The clocks had gone forward so really it was 8:30 but I’ll take that. Brett got up and saw to Scarlett. When I climbed out of bed she was eating toast in her high chair.

At 11:30 we went to Morrison’s with my nan and my cousin so we could stock up on food. Both for dinner and Work stuff. I got lots of spaghetti and pasta. We bought a cooked chicken and a tiger bread stick. We had that for lunch. Scarlett went down for a nap instead and had her lunch at 3 when she woke up.

We watched a film and then Brett got his stuff together whilst I sorted out the washing. Scarlett “helped” me.

He left at 5:45. I put Scarlett in the bath at 6:15 then she had her milk. She went to bed at 7. I put some food in the oven for my dinner then I ate whilst watching NCIS.

Tonight is our first night in the flat alone. I’m looking forward to it. It’s so nice knowing I can do whatever I want. I can wander around naked if I wish. I can lay in the bath for 3 hours if I wish. Cook whatever I want. It’s intoxicating, freedom. Although the coming bills scare me a lot lol

Tomorrow is a new day. Will slowly work through boxes every night after work (when Scarlett is in bed) and the flat will start to look more straight. It’s doing well. Just missing a few bits and need some order in some areas. Also need to bin a lot of packaging from items etc.



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