Omg we move tomorrow!

Today was just a strange day. Firstly I missed the lunch trolley. She came into the main office but no one called down to my office so I had to chase her around the building. Eventually I caught up with her. Then I went upstairs later to go to the toilet and noticed my top was inside out. I do that a lot lol my mom is always telling me my top is inside out.

We went up the cemetery today during my lunch hour to put some flowers on my uncle’s grave. Then I went back to work and ate my lunch. I had a busy day at work. I only calmed down towards the end of the day. I like days like that. Keeps you busy.

Brett met us at my house. He helped me put stuff in the bin and into boxes then he did bath time whilst I carried on packing then we sat down with her before bed. We watched Emmerdale then put her to bed. We had dinner at 8ish. At 9 we came back upstairs to put away some more bits before we climbed into bed. I hate packing. Because I feel like it’s never ending. There always seems to be something I’ve missed.

Tomorrow is moving day! I’m excited but also nervous. It’s such a big deal. Bills, rent and all that shiz!