Steak & Blowjob Day 2018

Let’s be honest, how many woman actually slap a steak on the grill and give their man a BJ on this day? I can safely say that no one is getting steak or anything off of me this year lol not that they do any other year …

Monday I was full on shattered. I don’t even know why. Lately I am just tired ALL THE TIME! Scarlett didn’t want to get up for Nursery and she was grumpy all the way till drop off.

Tuesday I had a busy morning then a slower afternoon. My manager’s manager had previously said he was going to sit with me and show me reports he wants me to do and send. I currently only do 2 reports at any one given time. So this is more responsibility. He showed me but he’s so quick so I said do a step-by-step guide on an email then I can use that and play around before I go “live”. Scarlett was grumpy on the way home but perked up when we got in. I put her to bed at 7:15. She rolled around till gone 8.

Wednesday [today] I had a doctor’s appointment at 9:30am. I went to work for 8. Worked till 9:15 then my Mom picked me up and took me for my appointment. I was having my coil reviewed because my periods have been mad and haywire since I had it put in 10 months ago. Which in itself isn’t an issue as they got lighter. But the last one I had in February was like a horror movie and I swear I would’ve preferred to give birth again than suffer that period pain ever again. Then last week [only 2 weeks since my last period] I started “spotting” when I wiped. Every day till Friday then it stopped. So I booked the appointment to check my coil is fitted where it’s meant to be and is working. So I saw the Doc at 9:45 and she copped a feel down there. She said it looks great [yay, my cervix looks great] and the coil appears to be firmly in place where it’s meant to be. She said she’d take a swab just to check for an infection but said it’s likely to come back normal. So she said to just bear with it, the spotting is normal and be caused by a number of things. It’s annoying but she’s right. It’s tolerable and for the most part me and coil get on fine. Certainly stops me having an unwanted pregnancy. I love my 2 year old, she’s more than enough.