Snow Day 2018

So the snow hit Tuesday but it didn’t particularly stick around. I let Scarlett walk across our garden in it. She was quite happy to be in it, Although she did say she was cold, when we got home. Don’t blame her lol

Wednesday we weren’t forecast any snow at first. But then my weather app on my phone changed and said we’d get some in the afternoon. We did. It was a sprinkling to start with but it settled on top of what was left of Tuesday’s snow. So it soon became an inch or so. It snowed from 6pm when we were in the bath right through till midnight. This gave us more than 2 inches of snow.

Today it stopped/slowed down before I went to sleep at 1am. But it must’ve started up again as it was snowing when I woke up at 6am.  I looked out the window and then went back to sleep.

I called work to say I wouldn’t be in. I don’t have full access to everything from home but I can access emails and Maximo so I agreed I’d monitor the inbox and help where I can. I called the Nursery to explain no one could get her there. We had breakfast then we made a cup of tea for my mom who managed to drive home from work safely. She said in her 27 years she’s never been overly fearful of driving in the snow but there were times on her journey home that she was a little dubious, almost scared. That is not like her. She is very ballsy when it comes to driving. Scary stuff!!


The nursery called me and asked if I planned to send Scarlett in tomorrow as they are having staffing issues due to the snow and need to know how many kids are going to make it in. I explained that no one could take her in so they said to keep her off then as they are looking at possibly closing for tomorrow. Scarlett is napping. Once she is up, we are going to bundle ourselves up and walk to my Nan’s for lunch. Scarlett keeps going on about the bloody dog, Marley. I have access to my work emails and our database so I have agreed that I will monitor emails today and tomorrow. Which I have done this morning. Already answered some emails and changed some shit on Maximo.



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