5 Year Blog-O-Versary

WordPress notified today that I set up my blog exactly 5 years ago today. I am quite impressed that I’ve stuck out blogging for half a decade. Happy Blog-O-Versary to me.

In that time I have changed jobs 3 times working initially at HomeSense then Carpet and Flooring. Finally landing on my feet at MITIE.

I had various dalliances with guys. Some romantically. Some less so. Some weirdos, some nice guys. Some I took home, some I met away from home and some I weren’t sure on.

I found myself pregnant and facing parenthood alone. I talked about how it felt to be abandoned and how I almost preferred it, after listening to my married friends arguments with their partners about names, the nursery and god know’s what else.

I had a baby and expressed all the feelings that came with new parenthood. The aftermath of an unscheduled C-Section. Meeting new mom friends.

I met someone new. I tried not to discuss in depth our relationship. Which I would have thought he’d have appreciated.

I travelled to various cities to meet new friends. I spent a lot of time trying to have fun before I had to go back to work.

I went back to work and faced the challenges, and stresses, that brings. Mostly down to the fact that emotionally and mentally I was not ready to return. I should’ve took the full year, plus holiday on top. 

I documented Scarlett meeting Harry [her Dad] for the first time. And some of his family. It started off well but kind of exploded. One day we may work that out, you never know. My door is always open for him. It’s up to him to want to see Scarlett.

I’ve documented her milestones, her first Easter, Halloween, Fireworks Night, Christmas and birthday. Then her first Aeroplane ride, her first trip abroad. Her first tooth, her first steps, her first words and everything in between.

And recently it’s been all about our move from living with my mom to our new 2 bedroom flat. It has been challenging to say the least but we done it. We got in. I have mostly got everything sorted from a financial standpoint. As for unpacked boxes, it’s getting there.

I can honestly say that when I started blogging I was completely down on my luck. I was 12 weeks into being unemployed, bored AF and had no direction. I decided I would return to study and find a part time job. I did both of these things and then I returned to full time work at a company on a contractual basis and remembered why working full time was great. Money. I landed at MITIE by chance, having temped there in 2012. I wasn’t sure if it was the job for me but fate intervened. May 2015, just 12 weeks into my job, I found myself pregnant. From there on, my path was set. Parenthood. Worklife. It’s been an amazing, albeit up and down, journey. I started off with no job and no prospects. 5 years later I have a brilliantly smart 2 year old, a decent permanent job and I’ve just moved into a little flat of our own. It’s not perfect, but it’s ours.

Here’s to the next 5 years [where I will be 32, yikes!]



Night 3

So our first night was alright. It’s weird because I must’ve gotten acclimatised to the motorway noises. Having lived next to the M3 for 23 years I think I had become used to the background noise and being in my flat, away from it, it’s eerily quiet.

Monday I slept okay and got up before Scarlett did. I brushed my teeth and got dressed. She woke up at 10 to 7. I dressed her then put teletubbies on so I could make her breakfast then my lunch. She ate some fruit and then we got our coats on and left. My mom picked us up at 7:30. We dropped Scarlett to my Nan’s house then we drove to my work.

My day wasn’t bad. I caught up with all the emails from Friday when I was off. My cousin had a new phone because hers wasn’t working so my Nan tasked me with setting it up. I am the tech person. So I made mom and Scarlett a cup of tea then mom helped me fill out some forms for Housing Benefit. Scarlett had a bath at 6:30 then she had her milk whilst we watched Emmerdale. When it was done I put her in bed and made myself some dinner. Monday/Friday she eats at Nursery. I watched Corrie then I watched Criminal Minds as it was Monday. Then I watched another then Blindspot. I climbed into bed at midnight and read some of my book. I fell asleep about 2ish.


Today was the same except I was tired when I got to work having only had 5 hours sleep. I had the weirdest dream, which I can’t even recall now. At lunch mom ran me down the council offices so I could give in my forms and my 20 thousand forms of ID [okay, maybe not that many but so many]. I am entitled to help with my rent which coupled with me working full time means I haven’t got to worry too much about that aspect. I still have to pay a lot of it myself but I can breathe a little. I went back to the office and ate my lunch whilst I worked.

I messaged Harry’s mom to tell her we’ve moved, and where to. I asked her to pass my address onto Harry as he’s blocked me or changed his number again. He has a right to know where his daughter sleeps. I am on my way home from work now.

I bought a really cheap but efficient [and small] tumble dryer. It’s being delivered on Thursday a long with my counter top freezer. I needed both. I also ordered some towels and stuff from Studio online. It’s slowly coming together. My internet is being installed Thursday too. I decided to go with TalkTalk for TV, broadband and phone. It will be about £36 a month on a fixed rate for 18 months. I can’t wait to be able to set up my SmartTV.

I just have tomorrow at work then Thursday morning then I am done for Easter. Can’t wait to spend the weekend with Scarlett. In our home. Our home.


OMG we’ve moved

Friday was the longest day in a long time. I hit 10,000 steps. Scarlett went off to Nursery. Brett and I went to my nan’s. We went to the estate agents so I could sign the tenancy agreement. We headed back and had a cup of tea then we went round the road to pick up the transit van. They had failed to mention the £500 damage deposit. I shit a brick. They bumped it down to £250 and I put it on my credit card. My grandad did the inspection so I headed off to the flat for the check in and inventory. It took an hour so we didn’t get back to my nans house till gone 11. Then we went to my house to pack up what we could then they unloaded. Then we packed a few more bits then at 12:15 we headed to my friends house to pick up my sofa. It took us ages to get it in the van but we did then we took everything to my flat to unload. At one point all I could see was shit everywhere. Boxes. Bags. Stuff. Furniture. Just so much!

Everyone left at 5ish. Brett put Scarlett’s cot back up as she was dropped off at 5 and needed to go to bed. She got a bit upset and asked to “go home”. So I had to explain that was Home. She was ok after a cuddle and she went straight to sleep.

Brett put my bed back up. We ordered pizza then stuck a film on. We got into bed at 1 and went to sleep at 2.

Saturday I didn’t get a lay in. Scarlett woke up at 7:15. Which was fine. We got up and had breakfast. Brett got up just before 8. We chilled then I dressed Scarlett. She was picked up just before 10 by my mom’s friend. Brett and I concentrated on the boxes. He put together my new table and chairs from IKEA. Very impressed lol we put up the stairgate on Scarlett’s bedroom hen we walked to my nan’s house. She drove us into town. We needed to pick up my delivery from wilkos plus I had to pick up the stairgate extender from Argos. The stairs width was too wide for the stairgate I had so I needed the extender. Once we picked everything up we dropped it home. We went to my nans for tea then Scarlett was dropped back. We went home and Brett put up the stairgate on the landing. I cooked some dinner after Scarlett went to bed. We watched a film and enjoyed some Asti to toast the new place. I went to bed at midnight because I was shattered.

Sunday (today) I woke up at half 9. The clocks had gone forward so really it was 8:30 but I’ll take that. Brett got up and saw to Scarlett. When I climbed out of bed she was eating toast in her high chair.

At 11:30 we went to Morrison’s with my nan and my cousin so we could stock up on food. Both for dinner and Work stuff. I got lots of spaghetti and pasta. We bought a cooked chicken and a tiger bread stick. We had that for lunch. Scarlett went down for a nap instead and had her lunch at 3 when she woke up.

We watched a film and then Brett got his stuff together whilst I sorted out the washing. Scarlett “helped” me.

He left at 5:45. I put Scarlett in the bath at 6:15 then she had her milk. She went to bed at 7. I put some food in the oven for my dinner then I ate whilst watching NCIS.

Tonight is our first night in the flat alone. I’m looking forward to it. It’s so nice knowing I can do whatever I want. I can wander around naked if I wish. I can lay in the bath for 3 hours if I wish. Cook whatever I want. It’s intoxicating, freedom. Although the coming bills scare me a lot lol

Tomorrow is a new day. Will slowly work through boxes every night after work (when Scarlett is in bed) and the flat will start to look more straight. It’s doing well. Just missing a few bits and need some order in some areas. Also need to bin a lot of packaging from items etc.


Omg we move tomorrow!

Today was just a strange day. Firstly I missed the lunch trolley. She came into the main office but no one called down to my office so I had to chase her around the building. Eventually I caught up with her. Then I went upstairs later to go to the toilet and noticed my top was inside out. I do that a lot lol my mom is always telling me my top is inside out.

We went up the cemetery today during my lunch hour to put some flowers on my uncle’s grave. Then I went back to work and ate my lunch. I had a busy day at work. I only calmed down towards the end of the day. I like days like that. Keeps you busy.

Brett met us at my house. He helped me put stuff in the bin and into boxes then he did bath time whilst I carried on packing then we sat down with her before bed. We watched Emmerdale then put her to bed. We had dinner at 8ish. At 9 we came back upstairs to put away some more bits before we climbed into bed. I hate packing. Because I feel like it’s never ending. There always seems to be something I’ve missed.

Tomorrow is moving day! I’m excited but also nervous. It’s such a big deal. Bills, rent and all that shiz!


Moving Day is T-Minus 2 Days

Monday I woke up at 7:15 instead of 6:30. Not a great start to my day however I did actually manage to arrive at work on time. Scarlett was miserable when I got in the car at 5pm. She was just so whingy so she went to bed dead on 7pm. I had some dinner and mom and I watched some TV. I came up to bed later and folded up some of Scarlett’s clothes and packed them in a box. I have lots more to throw in so I’ve left the box open for now.

Tuesday I got to work on time. It was a busy morning but a slow afternoon. I hate that. But I was up-to-date with everything and all my emails were filed so that’s good. Scarlett was a bit happier but she’s still a bit grumpy. Her nose is runny and she coughed a bit in the night.

Today [Wednesday] Mom is training at work so she’s out all day and my Grandad will look after Scarlett when my Nan goes to work at 5 if my mom isn’t back to pick her up. She says she will pick her up ASAP then come home. It may be before my her friend drives me home. She works in my company, in a different department and she finishes at 5:30 so on Wednesday’s she drives me home. I stay in my office till 5:30. So today she is taking me home. I finished book 7 of the DI Dixon series. Number 8 comes out in May so I have pre-ordered this. I read another book and now onto book 9 of the year. Not bad for only being in the 3rd month of the year.

16 years today since my uncle passed away. He was only 20 when he committed suicide. I try not to talk in too much depth about my family. For their privacy, respecting that they won’t want their lives all over the internet so I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned him before. Maybe I have. He was very troubled, drugs and running away from home as a teenager. He had mental health problems and eventually it lead him to jumping in front of a train, March 21st 2002. He may be gone but he’s certainly not forgotten. We shall visit his grave tomorrow [during lunch] and I always say Hi.


It’s bloody snowing again!

Friday Scarlett and I got home and I put her in the bath. Then once she was dressed we wrapped up and walked to my nans house. My grandparents were having a takeaway. I hadn’t eaten so I left Scarlett with my Nan and hopped in the car with my Grandad to pick the food up. We ate at 7:30ish then Ernie and Debbie turned up like usual for a cup of tea. My Nan dropped us home at 10ish. Scarlett had her milk and was in bed by 10:30. I watched some TV then climbed into bed.

Saturday I set an alarm so we wouldn’t lay in too much otherwise it throws our weekend early rise routine out of the window. I turned it off and we woke up at almost 10. We had breakfast, we shared some porridge. My mom’s friend came round at 12ish. Scarlett was napping. When she woke up we went to Big Yellow Storage to pick up my boxes then we went to Sainsbury’s so I could get some food for Work next week. One of my brother’s friends had helped himself to my fucking salami. I went to have some in my wrap for lunch before we went out and there was no salami. Pisstake!

After the shops we swung by my nans house for a cuppa. She had said she was finally getting her kitchen redone so to avoid coming round as it’ll be hectic. No one listened as there was 14 of us at one point. We didn’t stay too long. We left at 5ish. Scarlett had some dinner at 6ish then we went up and got in the bath. She went to bed at 8. Mom and I sorted dinner. We had pizza and I made some cheesy garlic bread. We watched The Disappearance episode from this week then we put on a film on Netflix. We watched No Good Deed.

I was up till late talking to Brett. Which is fine as I knew Scarlett would lay in.

Today she woke up at 8:30. We got out of bed at 9. We had toast and she had some fruit. We started watching The BFG then mom got up and said she was walking round my nans as my Grandad was due to pick my cousin up and needed her as he wasn’t sure where he was going. So we got dressed and accompanied her. It’s very cold due to the bastard snow we had yesterday. It snowed all day and only stopped in the night. We’ve had 2 inches. However it’s not staying and a lot of it’s melting already.

We walked home and I put Scarlett down for a nap. She’s still asleep now. Mom is cooking dinner and I’ve just finished boxing up all my DVDs and some of my books. I’ve hit my Fitbit target just from throwing all my DVDs on my bed and sorting them into boxes. I must have about 200+ DVDs.

5 days till moving day! Excited but also anxious over how much stuff I’ve actually got to box/bag up to move!


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Thank you for reading…