Thank Goodness It’s Friday

Wednesday there was another mass shooting at a school. This time a high school in Florida. As off report, there are 17 confirmed dead, both staff and students. With many others injured. The person animal responsible is a 19 year old. I won’t name him. He deserves no such social media attention. Nor will I name the victims. I don’t feel it’s my place to do this. The BBC website has named them and given a little insight to what they were all like. Students with aspirations of college scholarships, staff who helped everyone who needed it. It’s atrocious what this world has come to. And do you think this will prompt change amongst the state’s law’s on gun control? No. It won’t. Because apparently “the right to bear arms” is more important than the right to “send our child to school and have them arrive home safely”.

I am thankful I am not American, I do not live in America and I will not be sending my child to school there. But I do think of my American friends. They do live there, they do have children and they will have to send them to school at some point. As a mother this scares me. Can you imagine the stress of dropping your child at school each day, saying you love them and praying all day you don’t get THAT call. You know, the one where your world changes. Forever.

I watched the dramatic finale of Trauma. It didn’t quite end as I suspected it may. Which is good, as I didn’t want anyone to die. It was a good show. It really got you thinking.

Thursday the landlord called me. To say Hey. To ask why I changed guarantors. He confirmed that March 23rd is a good move date. He says he will know more about what, if anything, needs doing to the property, once the tenants move out. They are due to move March 5th. He says if it’s just the 2 things we discussed then I *may* be able to move in the 16th. He said he will let me know.

Scarlett used her bath lights in the bath yesterday. She likes the different colours. She kept taking it out of the water though. It works best in the water lol


Today I was flat out mad busy from 10am till about 2:30pm. Now it’s a quiet lull in the afternoon. This week has felt incredibly long and dragged so much. I am glad it is Friday.

Tomorrow me and Brett are spending the night at a hotel near to my house. Seems silly but we occasionally need to do this. It’s important for our relationship. We are booked to watch 50 Shades Freed and we’ll have a little meal out too. It’ll be fun. Scarlett is staying with my grandparents which she will love. She loves being with them. Then Sunday morning we will go round and get her. Well, we’ll probably have dinner there so we’ll just “take over” watching her.

He is coming down tonight. He reckons he won’t be late. But we’ll see as he usually is.



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