Pancake Day & Valentine’s Day 2018

Monday I got the call. I had been accepted to take the property on. I was so excited but I also felt nauseous. I felt like something was going to go wrong. I was asked to send my photo ID and proof of address [bank statement] so I did. I was also told to get the guarantor’s photo ID. So I text my Dad and long story short, I don’t want him to guarantor for me. So I had to find someone else and luckily my mom’s partner Mark offered. We put his details forward and the landlord accepted the change. I sent Mark’s details to the agent who will now do all the checks. He spoke to Mark on the phone and everything seems to be fine. I am a little excited now. I will need a sofa, microwave, toaster and kettle. Plus cutlery and crockery. Other stuff is just “tidbits”. I have bedroom furniture. One of my units from my bedroom can be used as a TV stand and there is always cheap coffee tables and dining tables online.

There is a new ITV mini drama on this week called Trauma. So far it is very good. It had me engrossed an eager to figure out whether someone is lying or not. My friend is watching it too so we’ve been debriefing afterwards.

Tuesday my temp at work was off sick. My manager is on annual leave this week so I was completely alone in my little office. It was BLISS. I don’t mind working with people but I work best when alone. I can just turn the radio on, rock away and do my thing.

Tuesday was Pancake Day. I don’t usually eat them as I haven’t liked them since I was a kid. But I decided to re-try them this year. Scarlett likes pancakes [she prefers the thick american style ones]. So we both had pancakes with nutella spread on top then we rolled them to cut them into little pin wheels. It wasn’t half bad.


After pancakes Scarlett went up for a bath then she had a bottle and went to bed. I cooked myself some dinner at 7:30. It was ready at 8ish. I watched a new episode of Supernatural on my iPad as I was waiting for the latest Trauma episode which was on at 9pm. I watched that then at 10pm I watched the second episode of Reqiuem. Can honestly say that typically I am not a wimp with weird/horror type things but this show has freaked me a little. I climbed into bed just before 11.

Today is Valentine’s Day. We celebrated part of it on Saturday as Brett brought me flowers [which I had to leave at his house] and we exchanged cards. But we are staying in a hotel this Saturday coming, having a meal then going to the cinema to watch 50 Shades Freed. It’ll be fun spending some time alone. Unlike traditional couples who meet before a baby comes along, we met after so he’s only ever known me as a package deal. And that is perfectly fine. He accepted this when we met. However to make sure we survive as a couple we need to spend time alone together, every now and then. Which we try to do every few months. Plus we go cinema/eat dinner out once a month so that’s nice. My nan is having Scarlett on Saturday for us and then we’ll go to her house in the morning after we’ve checked out from the hotel and have dinner at hers. It’ll be a good weekend.


I am on lunch at the moment watching TV on my Ipad. Lucifer wasn’t on yesterday so I assume it’s on a break.



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