More properties to be seen

Tuesday lunch time I viewed the property in town [Eastmeads]. It looked great on paper but when I went to view it, it soon became clear it was not being looked after properly. The outside was worn down and then inside there was damp in both bedrooms, on the wall and the ceiling. I asked about this and the agent claims it’ll be fixed before you move in. But in my head I was thinking “surely it’s prudent to have it fixed and all lovely looking BEFORE potential renters come and view?” Like it put me off big time. Especially as the deposit and fees were astronomical which made me really annoyed. You’re charging me more because you cannot be bothered to fix the issues with the property.

Scarlett wouldn’t lay still for her nappy after bath time so I grabbed a pull-up and put that on her. She was really impressed with her “big girl pants”.

Wednesday I viewed a property in North Camp [Camp Road]. The flat itself was brilliant. Good sized rooms, built in storage, newly fitted kitchen and bathroom. The con is the fact it’s in North Camp. Mom and I grabbed lunch on the way back. Scarlett was with us so she had to share, obviously. It was nice spending some extra time with her. Mom dropped me back at work. I worked till 5:30 as Wednesday’s her friend comes round, and her friend works for my company. She works 8:30-17:30 so she said to hang on half hour and she’d run me home. Scarlett her a mix and match dinner. She had scrambled egg on toast with cheese and ham on top. She loved it though. She had a bath at like 7. Didn’t get her into bed until about 8ish. Could hear her singing till gone 9pm. She’s so cheeky!!!

I watched Silent Witness, part two. Usually it’s on Mondays and Tuesdays but there was football on so part two was on Wednesday instead. Then I went upstairs and caught up on Lucifer. Only thing about viewing properties in my lunch break is that I haven’t been watching my shows. I need to hurry up and pick a place to move into. Then it is done. I am excited. But also very apprehensive. It’s such a big step. Which is weird as I never felt like this when I was on the precipice of motherhood. No more than that, the precipice of single parenthood. I was just excited. Yet having a baby is a big step too lol weird huh!

Today I am viewing 2 maisonettes during my lunch. 1 is in my road [anglesey avenue] and the other is in a road on the way to town [West Heath Road]. One is £895 and the other is £950. They both look a decent size for a family of 2 lol so if they look good in reality as they do on paper then I may just pick one and go for it.

I went to go upstairs at work to go to the toilet. I opened the toilet door and there was this beefy guy with a clipboard looking at the sink. In my head I am thinking “Am I in the wrong toilets? Did I go into the mens? No definitely the ladies. What is he doing? I need to wee, tough I am going”. So I walked past him and before I had shut the cubicle door he had gone. It was a little uncomfortable because he shouldn’t have been in the ladies toilets by himself and there was no notice on the door to say a MALE inspector was inside. So I came down and ran it by my manager. She said that is not the way things are done and usually inspections have 2 people so one can stand outside the loo to inform people of what is going on. So I emailed our reception ladies to tell them this guy was wandering on his own. We have policies in place for a reason.