January was not my month

I thought 2018 was going to be a better year. And I had quite high hopes. However given the fact I started the year a shivering, feverish mess I guess I should’ve known it wasn’t going to be “my year”. Nonetheless I am trying to be optimistic.

Tuesday at work I struggled with the neck pain and the pain in my head. I thought to myself, a nice hot bath would help. So I jumped in the bath at 8:30pm. I laid in the super hot bath, all nice and cozy. I fell asleep. Like for reals, fell asleep. I never do that. I woke up really confused like “why am I wet?”. I quickly washed my hair and got out. I did feel a bit better but still, painful. I watched Silent Witness then climbed into bed. I didn’t sleep great. I tossed and turned.

Wednesday I went into work but my head was just so bad. I couldn’t breathe without being in agony. I was viewing a property at 1pm [click to see] so I was leaving the office at 12:30. I planned to view the property, eat at my Nan’s house then come back to work. But I had a bit of a meltdown in the office [public crying, the worst!] and my manager said to not come back if I didn’t feel able. So I didn’t. I left at 12:30. Saw the flat. It’s brilliant. Great size rooms, both bedrooms are doubles. En-suite for master bedroom. Living room is long, about 11 foot I think. It’s got gas central heating, secure entrance and it’s clean. Only problem is the deposit. It’s so high but if I can borrow that then I am golden. After the viewing [my grandad came with me], we went back to my Nan’s. I had some lunch then Scarlett went up for a nap. I fell asleep on the sofa. I never just fall asleep. That is twice now. We had dinner at 4ish then we left for home. I had mom drive to the chemist so I could get some paracetamol. I admitted defeat. I needed the painkillers to work through the pain.

We got home just before 5pm. Her friend came round for a cup of tea when she finished work. At 7 I took Scarlett up for a bath. I am trialling a new bed time of 7:30pm. SHe bathed and then I did her milk. She went to bed at 7:35. She was asleep by 8pm so only 20-25 minutes of her messing about in her cot. I watched some TV then I climbed into bed at 11:30pm. I slept a lot better.

Today I woke up and took some paracetamol. I got myself ready then I woke up lazy bones. She wore a pair of her new leggings and tshirt. We dropped her to my Nan’s house. Since she turned 2 the nursery no longer feed her breakfast. Which is fair enough. So when my mom works a night, and my Nan picks her up from home, I will feed her. When we drop her to my Nan, she will feed her. Works for us. She’s had toast 2 days, wheetos 1 day and porridge today I think.

Just on lunch now. Watching Riverdale as it’s Thursday. We haven’t got much planned this weekend. We were invited to my friend’s little boy’s party. He is the same age as Scarlett. He was 2 on Tuesday. So we will go to the party. But other than that we have no plans. I may take her swimming, she loves swimming and we haven’t been since her lessons finished. I need to re-book them in for May/Jun.