Corfu, here we come

Saturday we had a lay in. Scarlett woke up at 8ish. I took her down and we had breakfast. We watched Gnomeo and Juliet then I put her up for a nap. Whilst she was asleep I read more of my book. I literally cannot put it down. I was on book number 4. when she woke up we got dressed and went to my Nan’s for some lunch. After we ate, we left her there to play so we could go shopping. I picked up a new TV for my new place. 32 inch HD Smart TV. It was only £210. Bargain! Then we did some food shopping. We got Scarlett a water bottle that is the same as mine, just a different colour as she is always drinking out of mine. And my throat has been sore for like 8 weeks so it’s not ideal for her to share my drinks, germs. We dropped our shopping home then we walked back to my nan’s. Scarlett had some dinner there then we headed home. I bathed her and put her to bed. We had our dinner. We had these pizzas from Sainbury’s that were “Pizza Express” ones. And some doughballs. Lush!

Sunday she woke up at 8am again. We watched Curious George the movie whilst eating breakfast. I put her up for a nap again and then climbed into bed to read my book. I finished book 4 and started reading book 5. We walked to my Nan’s for Sunday roast. We stayed there till the early evening then we headed home. Scarlett was tired when we got in so she was bit whingy. We got in the car and drove to Fleet to pick up the coffee. It’s just as the pictures showed. No scratches etc. I tried calling Brett before she went to bed but I hadn’t heard from him since Saturday night. He had been at a house party with his pals and I assumed he was asleep at his friends. But usually he pops up, hungover, by like 3/4pm. This was 7pm I tried calling him. My Whatsapp messages were only coming up with 1 tick. Which meant his phone was either off or had no signal. I was annoying because he would be pissed at me if I ignored him for 24 hours. So I put Scarlett to bed then chilled out. Finished doing my washing. I read my book in bed then went to bed.

Monday I woke up with my throat being worse than it had been in days. Awesome. It was snowing. It didn’t really settle but it was snowing on/off all day.

Still no word from Brett. Which I found unusual so I messaged his mom later on and asked if he had come home. She said no and she said she was sending his Dad round after work to see if he was at his pals house. Turned out he was. So he came home when I had finished work then he called to say Hi. He is such a knob. Fancy going AWOL for 2 days then being all “hey”. If I had done that to him, he’d have gone mental at me.

He spoke to Scarlett on FaceTime and she wasn’t even bothered. She just carried on playing. I put her to bed at 7ish then we ate dinner. Mom had cooked whilst I made tea. We watched TV then she went to work. I watched new Criminal Minds and Blindspot then I read some more of my book in bed before I went to sleep.

Today I didn’t wanna get up. It was so cold. Must’ve been minus 3 when we got up. Scarlett’s GroEgg in her room was blue meaning it was too cold. Yet when I pulled her from under her duvet she was toasty warm. She had toast and I had porridge then we went out separate ways.

Sunday we had sat with my mom’s boyfriend and looked at holidays. My nan is in Spain in September and as she does the nursery run, plus has Scarlett 3 afternoons a week, I had to book the time off. Or mom had to. Either way, one of us had to. So we agreed to both book 2 weeks off and we’d go away. So we settled on the Alkion Hotel in Corfu [check it out]. It worked out as £276 per person but that is if we split it 4 ways to include Scarlett. Mom said to just split it between us 3 adults so it’s £368 per person for 7 nights, half board. I am very excited now we’ve actually booked. We paid the deposit then the next instalment is due the end of next month.

Corfu here we come! Only 210 days to go LOL


P.S. Only 24 days till MOVING DAY!!!!


The countdown is on for moving day

Tuesday my headache was gone when I woke up. That was great as it had been raging all day Monday. I had a wrap for lunch. Well 2 actually. Philadelphia Cheese with ham. Was very tasty and made a change from the usual crap I eat.

No Lucifer again. It must be coming back in March, same as Riverdale. Eurgh, gotta wait now I guess. I didn’t watch Blindspot on Monday due to my headache so I ended up watching it today instead. Then I headed to bed.

Wednesday I started reading a book. Finally. I have started the DI Nick Dixon series by Damien Boyd. It’s really good. It’s easy to read, the writing is good and I didn’t want to put it down. I read the first one in a day. About 200-250 pages. So that’s a book to mark off my Reading Challenge on I then read the second in the series within a day too [Thursday].

Thursday I started to feel less icky after my nasty ass period. I came in from work and Scarlett was in a great mood. She kicked the ball and we played catch. Then at bath time she just went so whingy. It’s like something in her head just flipped to “grumpy”. I put her to bed and she moved about for a bit then she went to sleep. I had some dinner and then I got into bed to finish reading my book [DI Nick Dixon #2]. I finished it before I went to sleep.

Friday [today] I woke desperate for a wee. This is happening a lot lately. I don’t understand why I just don’t wake up and go wee before I get to the “OMFG I won’t make it” point. Anyways, I dressed Scarlett then made my lunch then we headed off. We had breakfast on the way then I went into work. I’ve had a headache creeping ALL DAY. I can feel it. It’s sort of there now but it’s not full blown. Will need to sort this when I get home.

I have no major plans this weekend. I am picking up a coffee table on Sunday. It’s from the Facebook Marketplace so it’s second hand but it’s solid wood and it’s only £25. I need to post some birthday cards and get my mom’s Mother’s Day card. If I don’t do it now, I will forget in 2 weeks when Mother’s Day actually comes around. Also I need to get a new phone charger and some shoes for Scarlett as she needs some. Shoe Zone should have some for her and ASDA. She is still a size 4 as far as I can tell.

I paid the rest of our Sun Holiday to Poole today. The balance was due next week so I paid it. I got the email confirmation so that’s good.


P.s. The countdown is on for Project MOVE. Officially we move out in 4 weeks today. 28 fucking days! I am so excited. 28 DAYS!

50 shades of pure cheese!

Friday Brett got here relatively earlier than usual. My Nan picked him up from the train station at like 9:15 so he was at mine for 9:30. We watched some TV and then climbed into bed.

Saturday Scarlett woke up quite early. About 7ish. I got her up and out the cot at 8. I did her some breakfast. She had some fruit and a yoghurt. We watched some TV, did some colouring and she played with my hair. At 9:30 we came upstairs to get Brett up. Mom did us some breakfast. She cooked. We headed down town to the bank as I needed to transfer some money. Then we headed to my nan’s. We stopped for a few cups of tea. At 3pm we headed Home to pack a few bits for our night “away” then we set off for town. We checked in at the hotel, dumped our stuff then headed back to town. Brett needed some new clothes so we hit up Sports Direct then we went back to the hotel. We put the TV and chilled for a bit. We decided we’d eat at 7ish as movie was 8:40. We ended up eating at 7:30/8ish. We went to the Tilly in town (Wetherspoons). Cheap meal and good food. I was stuffed.

We watched 50 shades freed. It wasn’t bad but it wasn’t as intense as the book. And I feel their stuffed the good bits (kidnapping) into a small 5 minute segment. It could’ve been much more exciting than that. Also it just felt so damn cheesy. Eurgh!

After the movie finished we walked back to the hotel. We put the Winter Olympics on. We stayed up chatting about EVERYTHING. It was really nice and good fun. But we didn’t realise how late it was and when we finally laid our heads down to sleep it was half 3 in the morning. Not ideal.

Sunday I woke up at 8ish with my alarm but I reset it for 9 and went back to sleep. I got up at 9 and jumped in the shower. I needed to get the make up off my face and wash my hair. When I was done I woke Brett up. We checked out just after 10 and walked back to the Tilly for breakfast. Brett didn’t eat. He never does lol I did though, I was hungry.

We jumped on the bus and headed to my Nan’s. Scarlett was happy to see us, for all of 5 minutes. We stayed there for dinner then we headed home at like 4ish. Brett packed his stuff and he left to go home at 5:30. I sorted Scarlett some supper then we did our Weekend Box. 1 of the things was a creative thing. We created dinosaur claws. The other was a cooking/baking thing. We made chocolate rice crispy cakes.

After we made the cakes we watched half of Dancing on Ice. She proper loves it. We did bath time then we watched the rest. She went to bed but she sang for ages. She’s so funny!

Today I woke up to a little horror scene. Since having the coil fitted I’ve been in a weird pattern of having my period one month but skipping the next totally. My periods had gotten lighter. It was great. But today was nasty. I wasn’t expecting it but I had skipped January so I figured at some point something would come. I’ve felt drained all day. I’ve also had a bad headache too. Awesome!

Tonight Scarlett told my mom she didn’t like her. It was in reply to my mom yelling at her to move as she was standing underneath my mom when she was trying to make tea. Hot water is never ideal. She said “me no like you nanny” then stomped out. Teenager alert! Lol

I watched Criminal Minds as it’s back on but now I’m in bed because my head in banging. I’ve taken more paracemtol as it’s been 4 hours now.


Thank Goodness It’s Friday

Wednesday there was another mass shooting at a school. This time a high school in Florida. As off report, there are 17 confirmed dead, both staff and students. With many others injured. The person animal responsible is a 19 year old. I won’t name him. He deserves no such social media attention. Nor will I name the victims. I don’t feel it’s my place to do this. The BBC website has named them and given a little insight to what they were all like. Students with aspirations of college scholarships, staff who helped everyone who needed it. It’s atrocious what this world has come to. And do you think this will prompt change amongst the state’s law’s on gun control? No. It won’t. Because apparently “the right to bear arms” is more important than the right to “send our child to school and have them arrive home safely”.

I am thankful I am not American, I do not live in America and I will not be sending my child to school there. But I do think of my American friends. They do live there, they do have children and they will have to send them to school at some point. As a mother this scares me. Can you imagine the stress of dropping your child at school each day, saying you love them and praying all day you don’t get THAT call. You know, the one where your world changes. Forever.

I watched the dramatic finale of Trauma. It didn’t quite end as I suspected it may. Which is good, as I didn’t want anyone to die. It was a good show. It really got you thinking.

Thursday the landlord called me. To say Hey. To ask why I changed guarantors. He confirmed that March 23rd is a good move date. He says he will know more about what, if anything, needs doing to the property, once the tenants move out. They are due to move March 5th. He says if it’s just the 2 things we discussed then I *may* be able to move in the 16th. He said he will let me know.

Scarlett used her bath lights in the bath yesterday. She likes the different colours. She kept taking it out of the water though. It works best in the water lol


Today I was flat out mad busy from 10am till about 2:30pm. Now it’s a quiet lull in the afternoon. This week has felt incredibly long and dragged so much. I am glad it is Friday.

Tomorrow me and Brett are spending the night at a hotel near to my house. Seems silly but we occasionally need to do this. It’s important for our relationship. We are booked to watch 50 Shades Freed and we’ll have a little meal out too. It’ll be fun. Scarlett is staying with my grandparents which she will love. She loves being with them. Then Sunday morning we will go round and get her. Well, we’ll probably have dinner there so we’ll just “take over” watching her.

He is coming down tonight. He reckons he won’t be late. But we’ll see as he usually is.


Pancake Day & Valentine’s Day 2018

Monday I got the call. I had been accepted to take the property on. I was so excited but I also felt nauseous. I felt like something was going to go wrong. I was asked to send my photo ID and proof of address [bank statement] so I did. I was also told to get the guarantor’s photo ID. So I text my Dad and long story short, I don’t want him to guarantor for me. So I had to find someone else and luckily my mom’s partner Mark offered. We put his details forward and the landlord accepted the change. I sent Mark’s details to the agent who will now do all the checks. He spoke to Mark on the phone and everything seems to be fine. I am a little excited now. I will need a sofa, microwave, toaster and kettle. Plus cutlery and crockery. Other stuff is just “tidbits”. I have bedroom furniture. One of my units from my bedroom can be used as a TV stand and there is always cheap coffee tables and dining tables online.

There is a new ITV mini drama on this week called Trauma. So far it is very good. It had me engrossed an eager to figure out whether someone is lying or not. My friend is watching it too so we’ve been debriefing afterwards.

Tuesday my temp at work was off sick. My manager is on annual leave this week so I was completely alone in my little office. It was BLISS. I don’t mind working with people but I work best when alone. I can just turn the radio on, rock away and do my thing.

Tuesday was Pancake Day. I don’t usually eat them as I haven’t liked them since I was a kid. But I decided to re-try them this year. Scarlett likes pancakes [she prefers the thick american style ones]. So we both had pancakes with nutella spread on top then we rolled them to cut them into little pin wheels. It wasn’t half bad.


After pancakes Scarlett went up for a bath then she had a bottle and went to bed. I cooked myself some dinner at 7:30. It was ready at 8ish. I watched a new episode of Supernatural on my iPad as I was waiting for the latest Trauma episode which was on at 9pm. I watched that then at 10pm I watched the second episode of Reqiuem. Can honestly say that typically I am not a wimp with weird/horror type things but this show has freaked me a little. I climbed into bed just before 11.

Today is Valentine’s Day. We celebrated part of it on Saturday as Brett brought me flowers [which I had to leave at his house] and we exchanged cards. But we are staying in a hotel this Saturday coming, having a meal then going to the cinema to watch 50 Shades Freed. It’ll be fun spending some time alone. Unlike traditional couples who meet before a baby comes along, we met after so he’s only ever known me as a package deal. And that is perfectly fine. He accepted this when we met. However to make sure we survive as a couple we need to spend time alone together, every now and then. Which we try to do every few months. Plus we go cinema/eat dinner out once a month so that’s nice. My nan is having Scarlett on Saturday for us and then we’ll go to her house in the morning after we’ve checked out from the hotel and have dinner at hers. It’ll be a good weekend.


I am on lunch at the moment watching TV on my Ipad. Lucifer wasn’t on yesterday so I assume it’s on a break.


Waiting to hear from the estate agent

Thursday I viewed both properties. The first one, the one in Anglesey Avenue, was brilliant. I liked it immediately. The second one was alright but not a fave. I asked if I could put myself forward for the first one. I signed the forms and that was it. I went back to work.

I was called by the agent who explained that as there was 2 offers it had been down to the landlord to make a choice. He had been unable and wanted to meet each prospective tenant. So I agreed to meet him at 5:30 Friday at the estate agents office. Not ideal as I get the train to Brett’s at 5:15 so we’d be a bit later than usual.

I watched Death in Paradise then I packed our stuff for the weekend at Brett’s house.

Friday I went to work like normal. Was a slow day. I felt really drained and it seemed to drag. I met my mom for lunch. We went to Poppins in town. At 5 she picked me up from work and we drove to Bridges office in Frimley. We were early so we sat inside waiting. Scarlett did a poo so mom took her back to the car to sort her. The landlord turned up and we went into a meeting room to have a chat. He seems very nice and is a seasoned landlord so he knows what he’s doing. He asked me things my age, Scarlett’s age, do I work, where do I work, where I’m from, where I live and how long for, any pets, what do I want from life, long term goals, what I thought of the property etc. We parted ways at 6 and thankfully we got on the 6:15 train and were at Hackbridge for 7:45. We grabbed McDonald’s on our way from the station. Scarlett went to bed at 10ish.

Saturday she woke up at 7ish. I got up with her. Did her some toast and a cup of tea. I dressed her and she went shopping at 10 with Brett’s mom. I used my free time to get dressed and chill out. Brett was up by then. We discussed the cinema. When they got back from shopping we walked down the road to Asda. We had lunch then we wandered around. I bought myself some new bras and knickers as well as a new top plus I got Scarlett a new book, new sandals for summer and socks.

We walked back home. Scarlett fell asleep on the walk home so we left her in the stroller in the hallway. I was shattered so I laid on Brett’s bed then fell asleep for like 45 minutes. He woke me up throwing my slipper at me. Not sure why he has to be such a knob. I was clearly tired as I never fall asleep in the day and he woke up just to tell me I was snoring. Twat!

When she was up we played then at 7 I cooked us some dinner. Brett had a bad head so he’d gone to lay down. The meds kicked in and he was ok just as I dished up dinner so we ate together. She had her yoghurt for pudding. Brett got in the bath and then we got ready to head out. We got to the cinema at 8:35. As usual we were late because we were waiting for Brett. Luckily films don’t start for 20 minutes. We queued up to get tickets. Usually we do this online but I have a vue gift card as a Christmas present which you have to activate at the cinema. So we got tickets and drinks then went to find our seats. We watched Den of Thieves. It was actually quite good. It finished at 11:15 and we waited to be picked up.I was tired as I’d been in the cinema without my glasses so my eyes felt strained. I laid in bed and waited for Brett to go to sleep. I can block out his snoring but he can’t mine, so I have to wait for him to fuck off to sleep lol

Sunday (today) Scarlett woke up at 7 again. I took her into the lounge for some breakfast. She ate whilst we watched a film. I put on Moana. It’s actually a really lovely film and she watched about 60-70% of it. We went in at 9:30 to wake Brett up. He never wants to get up. And Scarlett whacking him in the balls by accident didn’t help. We left him to it and about 15 minutes later he came out of the bedroom. We watched the Winter Olympics. Scarlett played and followed Scott around. The dog tried to sit on Scott’s lap and when Scarlett noticed she got very annoyed. She said “no buster, move. My Scott”. It was very funny.

We didn’t stay for dinner today. I wanted to get home. So we had sandwiches at 1pm then we left at 2:30pm to catch the 2:53 train. As usual we were late leaving. We got there and the lift wasn’t working so Brett carried everything up the stairs. Then I went to use the platform lift and it was taking too long that the train pulled up so I stood at the top of the stairs with the stroller and my weekend bag trying to figure it out. A guy offered to help so between us we managed and we ran for the train. We made it!

We got off at Clapham junction 6 minutes later then after a 15 minute wait, we got back on a train for Home. At 4pm we arrived and my nan picked us up. We went back to hers instead of Home as Scarlett wanted to see Grandad, and Marley. We had a cup of tea then we walked home at 5:30pm.

We had soup and bread for dinner. She loves soup. She actually spooned some of my soup into her bowl. Greedy! She had a yoghurt after then I took her up for a bath. I ended up in the bath with her. I washed my hair under the shower then we got out. At 7:30 I made her bottle then we settled to watch some Dancing on Ice. She loves it. She watches so intently then when they finish she sits up properly and claps. It’s the cutest thing. I took her up to bed at 8:15 and she went straight to sleep. I watched the first episode of Requiem. Very odd. Not sure my mom would cope watching it alone, she’s a wimp. I went up to bed at 10:30. I’m just laid here now. May read a bit of my book (first book of 2018) then go to sleep.

It’s shrove Tuesday this week (pancakes) then Valentine’s Day Wednesday. Brett and I are spending a night away Saturday. Should be fun. We’re going to watch 50 shades freed.


More properties to be seen

Tuesday lunch time I viewed the property in town [Eastmeads]. It looked great on paper but when I went to view it, it soon became clear it was not being looked after properly. The outside was worn down and then inside there was damp in both bedrooms, on the wall and the ceiling. I asked about this and the agent claims it’ll be fixed before you move in. But in my head I was thinking “surely it’s prudent to have it fixed and all lovely looking BEFORE potential renters come and view?” Like it put me off big time. Especially as the deposit and fees were astronomical which made me really annoyed. You’re charging me more because you cannot be bothered to fix the issues with the property.

Scarlett wouldn’t lay still for her nappy after bath time so I grabbed a pull-up and put that on her. She was really impressed with her “big girl pants”.

Wednesday I viewed a property in North Camp [Camp Road]. The flat itself was brilliant. Good sized rooms, built in storage, newly fitted kitchen and bathroom. The con is the fact it’s in North Camp. Mom and I grabbed lunch on the way back. Scarlett was with us so she had to share, obviously. It was nice spending some extra time with her. Mom dropped me back at work. I worked till 5:30 as Wednesday’s her friend comes round, and her friend works for my company. She works 8:30-17:30 so she said to hang on half hour and she’d run me home. Scarlett her a mix and match dinner. She had scrambled egg on toast with cheese and ham on top. She loved it though. She had a bath at like 7. Didn’t get her into bed until about 8ish. Could hear her singing till gone 9pm. She’s so cheeky!!!

I watched Silent Witness, part two. Usually it’s on Mondays and Tuesdays but there was football on so part two was on Wednesday instead. Then I went upstairs and caught up on Lucifer. Only thing about viewing properties in my lunch break is that I haven’t been watching my shows. I need to hurry up and pick a place to move into. Then it is done. I am excited. But also very apprehensive. It’s such a big step. Which is weird as I never felt like this when I was on the precipice of motherhood. No more than that, the precipice of single parenthood. I was just excited. Yet having a baby is a big step too lol weird huh!

Today I am viewing 2 maisonettes during my lunch. 1 is in my road [anglesey avenue] and the other is in a road on the way to town [West Heath Road]. One is £895 and the other is £950. They both look a decent size for a family of 2 lol so if they look good in reality as they do on paper then I may just pick one and go for it.

I went to go upstairs at work to go to the toilet. I opened the toilet door and there was this beefy guy with a clipboard looking at the sink. In my head I am thinking “Am I in the wrong toilets? Did I go into the mens? No definitely the ladies. What is he doing? I need to wee, tough I am going”. So I walked past him and before I had shut the cubicle door he had gone. It was a little uncomfortable because he shouldn’t have been in the ladies toilets by himself and there was no notice on the door to say a MALE inspector was inside. So I came down and ran it by my manager. She said that is not the way things are done and usually inspections have 2 people so one can stand outside the loo to inform people of what is going on. So I emailed our reception ladies to tell them this guy was wandering on his own. We have policies in place for a reason.