2 looks good on her!

So last night Scarlett decided she wanted to have a birthday sleepover. So I let her. But at 2:30am when I woke up for the 3rd time (having real sleeping issues lately), I decided to move her. She didn’t stir. She went in her cot, no fuss. I climbed back into bed and eventually went back to sleep. Woke up at 4-something and 6ish. Eventually my alarm went off at 7. I got up and got dressed. Brushed my teeth and vomited. Twice. Awesome!

Went in to wake her and she was not down for that. She didn’t want to get up and then she was disappointed that she could not have cake for breakfast. I dressed her in her new tshirt. It says “I AM 2”.

I left for work at 7:45. I caught up on things I missed whilst off sick then at 12ish my mom picked me up. We headed to town. I needed to get a cake for Scarlett and then we headed to my Nan’s house for lunch. I was due to view a house I was interested in but they called last minute to say it was left agreed by someone who viewed it today. So that’s that. I was annoyed because I liked the location, price and what I saw online.

After we ate we headed home. Scarlett opened her presents and cards. My mom put her up for a nap and I put together some of the toys she got that require screwing together.

She woke up at 5ish. My dad FaceTimed to say Happy Birthday etc. It’s his birthday Saturday. Which is when her party is.

I put some dinner on at 6:30. I didn’t realise how late it was. Usually she’s eaten by 6 latest. She had pizza but kept stealing chips off of my plate. Cheeky!

I took her up at 7:30 for a bath then did her bottle at 8. I put her to bed at 8:30ish but I heard her an hour later so I got her back up. Sat with the light off, just the tv on, downstairs. She was fine but she started getting tired and miserable. So I took her back off and she settled this time.

I’m watching Hemlock Grove and then I’m off to bed as I’m working tomorrow and I can tell from my emails that I have a mega busy day ahead of me!!!



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