1 more sleep

Monday wasn’t that bad. I had a slow day at work. Apparently no one was doing anything in the business as I only received a few emails all day. Weird!

I taught her to say “Happy Birthday to you”. She says it in the cutest way!

Tuesday I still felt like shit. My throat was doing my head in and my eyes were sore. They haven’t itched that bad in ages. Took me by surprise. My mom went to her boyfriends. I watched the second part of Silent Witness then the season finale of Grimm and the ending of Delicious season 2.

I tossed and turned all night. My neck felt sore and my head felt too heavy for my body. It was weird.

Today when my alarm went off at 6:30 I felt so tired. My throat was raging. I took some painkillers then called in sick. I got up with Scarlett, sorted her out then my mom dropped her at my nans then we had breakfast. I got myself a Doctors apointment for 10:40. I started watching this new series on Netflix called Hemlock Grove. It’s proper weird so it’s right up my street. I watched 2 episodes then I headed to the doctors. They said it’s viral. Surprise! I can’t complain tbf as I don’t like antibiotics anyway.

My nans house is next to the surgery and it was raining buckets so I dashed to her house and stayed there. Scarlett arrived at lunch and went down for a nap. I chilled then she had some dinner. She didn’t eat much. Sometimes she’s not quite ready for it. So we took what was left, home. She ate more then had 2 yoghurts for pudding. I put her in the bath at 6pm. Mom put our dinner on. I did Scarlett’s bottle then mom put her to bed. We ate then we watched some TV.

I wrapped up Scarlett’s presents. Put her balloons and bunting in place.

I’ve just finished watching an episode of Hemlock Grove and now I’m jumping in the shower quick before heading to bed.

Tomorrow I will be the mother of a 2 year old. So exciting!



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