Her birthday is in T-Minus 8 days

Monday was a busy at work. Which I like. It makes the day go quicker! Scarlett did some singing with me and mom before bath time. We loves singing! More Silent Witness again. I love Monday’s atm!

Tuesday was slower at work. More Silent Witness. I’ve been catching up with Season 6 of Grimm. It gets better and better each time.

Scarlett’s Cake Smash photoshoot pictures came back. They are brilliant. I’m not even bothered they captured her red “post cry” nose lol it adds character. Look at the link below to the 12 I posted on my facebook page.


Today (Wednesday) I felt so tired at work. Lately I’ve not been sleeping that great. I mean I’m ok. But I can’t seem to nod off before midnight. More like 1am or later. Which isn’t great as I’m up for work at 6:45. But as I’m tired I’m not getting my ass moving till 7 lol #ideal

I did some laundry tonight as we’re at Brett’s this weekend and I need my jeans!

Scarlett’s Birthday in T-Minus 8 days. Yep, we’re on a countdown now lol

I’m watching Grimm. I’m heading to bed once this episode is done.



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