Throat is still sore

Monday was great. I was really busy at work catching up. It was unfortunate that I had been on annual leave previous to falling sick. So I had been out of the office since December 22nd. I had 50 emails. But most were tied into email chains so only 1 email out of say 5 were actionable. Still, I made a massive dent in them. I felt rather productive. Silent Witness started at 9pm. New season. I love it. So glad we have a series link!

Tuesday my alarm didn’t go off. I woke up at 7:45 to my Nan banging on my front door. I had to quickly get dressed, make my lunch and go. I left my Nan dressing Scarlett. I made her bottle whilst I was making lunch in the kitchen. But that was all I did do. I hate being late. My mom had arrived from work to pick me up and had to wait as I was running late. I got to work at 8:10. I was so surprised it wasn’t any later. I had text on my way that I was going to be late and why so my manager was fine when I got in. I said I’d make it up in my lunch break. Standard procedure.

I finished off all my email catchup. Then I looked into some upcoming tasks. Got a lot of database maintenance coming up. That’ll keep me busy!!!!

Wednesday (today) I had a quieter day. I felt really tired. I couldn’t sleep the night before. Think I didn’t nod off until gone 1am. I was feeling really tired by lunch time. I caught up with some more Elementary on my lunch break. I’m on season 5 now!

I’m almost finished with my antibiotics. I’m still coughing but not as much. My throat is still sore on one side. It’s annoying me. Like why does it need to be sore!?

Not got much planned this week. I’m working tomorrow and Friday. Usual!

Friday Brett is coming down after work. No plans thus far. Just chill out. Probably watch a movie Saturday (either cinema or in bed). I’m looking for a quiet weekend. I’m still not 100%. I’d say I’m functioning at 80%. Almost there but not quite!