Functioning at 70%

Thursday I got up at 7 to get Scarlett ready for Nursery. My nan picked her up at 8. I had a nibble on something as my stomach hurt but I still felt so dodgy. My chest hurt even more. I’d lost my voice from all the coughing making my throat sore.

I decided I was not going to work Friday. I needed to see my doctor again. I still didn’t feel right. I just couldn’t put my finger on why!

New series of Death in Paradise started so mom and I watched that. She usually goes to her boyfriends on a Thursday but she didn’t feel well so she stayed home.

Friday I called in sick and explained I’d be seeing a doctor. I managed to get an appointment quickly. I got seen just before 10am. Diagnosis is chest infection. I had a fever of 39.4 even after taking paracetamol. Doc said to keep the meds up, every 4 hours to keep the temp at bay. He prescribed me antibiotics. I walked to my Nan’s house which is across the road from the Doctors surgery. I fell asleep on the sofa because I just felt so drained. My mom picked me up so I could go to the pharmacy to collect my antibiotics. We popped into the shops as I needed some more paracetamol and Scarlett needed Nurofen. I’d been using her Nurofen as my throat had been too sore to swallow any tablets. Unfortunately my antibiotics were tablet form so I had to suck it up. I managed to get in the daily 3 tablet dosage before bedtime.

Saturday she didn’t wake up until 8:30. Lovely little lay in. She had her bottle then she watched some teletubbies whilst I did some bits. Mom went out for some breakfast at 10. It was the first time in 5 days I’d eaten properly for breakfast. It was heavenly!!! After we ate we got dressed then we went to the bank so I could transfer the Cake Smash funds back to my normal account so I could withdraw it.

We headed to her Cake Smash. We thought we’d be really late but we arrived at 11:03 so not too bad.

She did really well considering how unwell she’d been for a week. She had a blast eating her cake and posing for pictures. See the sneakpeak of a few photos below!

Sneak peakWe left at 12:15 and headed to my Nan’s for a cup of tea then we had some lunch. I ate lunch. Not much. But it was good to eat.

We left for Home at 5ish. Scarlett and I had dinner. She had a yoghurt after then I did bath time. She came downstairs and helped everyone else eat their dinner plus she helped herself to Mark’s apple crumble dessert. She did have a bottle but she only drank half. She was more interested in food lol

She went to bed at 8:30ish. We sat down to watch McMafia. I watched the first episode but fell asleep half way through the second so I went up and got into bed. Think I was asleep by half 11!!!

Today my beautiful little princess didn’t wake up until 10:30am. What a lovely lay in. I did her bottle then I made us both breakfast. She had normal toast. I had marmite. She stole half of one of my slices, little monkey. Apparently she likes marmite too. I asked her if she did when I was making it. She said No lol

We played some games. We did some singing. I did some more teaching on colours and counting. At 12:30 we got dressed and headed out to my Nan’s for Sunday roast dinner.

We ate at 1:30ish. Scarlett didn’t eat lots as she’s still not 100% back to normal but she did okay. She didn’t ask for pudding so I let her down from the table. She played in the lounge with our 2 cousins.

We stayed at my Nan’s until my mom arrived later. She had worked Saturday night so she slept all day. She ate her dinner. Scarlett had some supper then we headed home. I put her in the bath. She wanted me to bath too. So I did. Then I stood up and washed my hair under the shower whilst she played in the water the other end of the bath. It’s our little routine sometimes as she’s tolerant of the shower now as it means she gets to bath with her mama.

After bath time we headed downstairs for her milk. She helped me make it like normal but when I gave her it to drink she wouldn’t. I was like what lol eventually she did drink it. She ran around because she knew if she sat still she’d fall asleep. We caught her and she said goodnight to “nanny and uncle JuJu” then I took her up.

Mom and I watched the last half hour of Dancing on Ice. Typically we don’t watch it but it was on before Vera started at 8. We watched that. Mom left at 8:45 for Work so she’ll catch the remainder of Vera another day. I love it. When it finished at 10 I got in bed and watched Elementary. I turned it off at half 11. Then I FaceTimed Brett to say Hey. We chatted for half hour then we both said we were going to sleep.

I however have been laid in bed for like an hour now and I can’t sleep. It’s because little human let me lay in lol I’m going to play my puzzle game and see if it tires me out.

Back to work tomorrow and surprisingly I’m actually looking forward to being back. I like routine. I like being busy. Being stuck looking at the same four walls whilst off sick was just so crap. I would say I’m at about 70% health so I’m not 100% but I can function at work. I can speak better as my voice came back a bit. And the coughing outbreaks are fewer. So all in all, I can’t wait!