Christmas Day 2017

It’s Christmas!!! Merry Christmas from my house to yours.Scarlett woke at 7 but settled so I left her. She eventually got up properly at 8. I gave her a bottle then we opened some presents. Brett gave her breakfast at 10ish. She played with her toys then at 11:30 we put her down for a nap. She slept till almost 2. She met Brett’s Nan for the first time. She wasn’t sure about her and went all shy lol

We had a lovely roast turkey dinner and then we relaxed before opening more presents. She got some really bath toys and some other bits. She was thoroughly spoiled. Me too. We had supper (turkey sandwiches) then I took her up for a bath at 7ish. Brett tried to put her to bed at 8. She wouldn’t have it. She cried for ages and was really hot so we got her up and gave her some calpol then tried again at 9. She refused point blank. We both climbed into Brett’s bed and laid in the dark with her for a solid half hour. Nope lol I ended up chucking her back in her cot and we just laid in silence ignoring her. She settled after 10 minutes. Brett fell asleep waiting for her to settle. I had a bad head so I crept out to get some tablets then I stuck Emmerdale on my iPad, with headphones. So I could catch up then go to bed myself.

We’ve had a lovely, relaxed Christmas Day. Scarlett has been so good except when she accidentally dropped a glass candle that Brett’s mom had got for Christmas. She was putting it down and it slipped from her hand. It was just an accident. She looked at me like she was going to be told off but these things happen. His mom was more worried about the glass so we had to keep the dog out until it was cleared up.

We’re going home tomorrow. Mom is picking us up in the early afternoon.



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