Book advent is going well

Tuesday the traffic on the way to work was bad. We got caught in it. My lift to work thought it was appropriate to use a mobile in the car to make a call – it’s not, it’s illegal and quite unsafe.

Had a really productive work day. I’ve run out of antihistamines though so I had to spend all day with itchy eyes (I get yearlong hayfever).

My Grandad picked me up from work as my mom was training in Uxbridge with Work. He dropped me and Scarlett home. She was so funny but naughty. I must’ve told her off about 100 times and she just carried on doing whatever she was doing. It’s so infuriating. She went up for a bath at 6:45 then we did her Book Advent. Day 5 was Peppa Pig numbers. We read it then she had her milk then I took her up to bed. She didn’t settle for almost an hour. She was clearly too wired. But she did nod off. I had let her take her new book upstairs. It was on the side next to her cot. When. I went up later it was in the corner next her, she’d fell asleep with it.

I caught up with Blindspot from yesterday then I watched a film on Netflix called A Christmas Prince. It was really good. I went up to bed at 10:45 but my head started pounding. I was on the phone to my nan, foraging for drugs (paracetamol) and then I finally got into bed.

Wednesday was really busy at work. Started scheduling training for the AIR scheduler and did a lot of P6 work on Maximo. Scarlett was really upset when we got home. She threw herself on the floor over nothing and was doing this weird cry. I gave her the dummy and picked her up for a cuddle. She settled down then. I think she was tired. I managed to squeeze in her bath time before my dinner was cooked. She was drinking her milk when I started eating. I explained that she’d already had her dinner and was drinking her milk now so I couldn’t share. She lasted until I had 2 small bits of chicken left then she stole one and ran off. She’s so cheeky!

We did her book advent for day 6. She got Peppa Pig Alphabet. She’s doing well, she’s got some good books so far (as if I don’t know, I wrapped them lol)

She went to bed at 7ish. Mom and I watched Emmerdale then I went up and got in the bath. I haven’t had a bath in ages. I usually shower, quickly. Was very luxurious and definitely what I needed. After the bath I watched Inhumans then at 10:30 I got into bed. Eyes are itchy again even tho I took an antihistamine last night and again tonight. Bloody hayfever!! I have a stuffy nose too. Drives me loopy!!!

Today my grandad dropped me at work. I had the busiest day which is great because it made my day go by quicker. After work Scarlett was super talkative. She had her dinner then we did Day 7 (which was Peppa Pig Shapes), bath time and then bed.

My brother’s girlfriend cooked me and her dinner as everyone else is either at work, out or in bed lol

I need to pack for Brett’s tomorrow. And remember to bring his advent calendar with us. I packed whilst watching a film I recorded called D-Tox. It was really good. I think Brett may like it. All packed now so bed time!



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