Legit wore my top inside out!

Wednesday. Day one as the sole member of my team. Surprisingly it went good. Lots of jokes were cracked by me about being on my own. I did lots of work. I activated all the imported stuff from the day before. I got stuck into a task that I need to finish this week. It’s all about organisation and prioritisation. That’s the key to my success as someone on their own in a team. I’ll be fine!

I had a telephone interview at 10am but the guy didn’t call until 10:25. I emailed at 10:09 saying I was ready… And he replied saying he was running late. I feel like I would not have had any warning he was late had I not messaged first. Nonetheless, we talked. The job isn’t for me. It doesn’t have the flexibility I’m after.

I wore my top inside all day. Didn’t realise until almost 4pm. I do that a lot. I did it about a month ago. So much for having my shit in order lol

Today our database went down. The server just crashed. Considering my job title is DATABASE ADMINISTRATOR, I was kind of lost without it. 1 hour and 15 minutes it was unreachable. But luckily it bounced back. I had so much to do I was cursing it.

I had another job interview during my lunch break. Not sure it’s suitable for me. It’s an awful lot of telephone work and the lady even said “outsiders would easily call us a call centre” – not great! But we’ll see.

Mom and I stopped for lunch on our way back to my work after the interview. We had McDonald’s. I had a semi-productive afternoon. Whilst our database was still working, it was incredibly slow and everything I was doing took twice as long. However I did manage to progress a few things on my to-do list so that’s fab.

After work I came home and helped my mom sort something out on her laptop. Scarlett’s never seen a laptop and she kept following us every time we passed it between us. She tried to press buttons and look at the screen. I’m kind of slightly proud that she’s almost got to the age of 2 before seeing one and doesn’t recognise what it is.

My main aim in life is to allow her to recognise this digital age she’s growing up in but raising her with the same upbringing I had. A no-screens unless as a treat, exercise over watching television and being an actual child with fresh air and friends and silly games. I had a pretty standard childhood but it was fun. I want her to experience some of the same things.

She went to bed at 7ish. I cooked my dinner. I made homemade cheesy garlic to to with my chicken pieces and mozzarella sticks. No potato products today. Didn’t fancy any.

I need to pack a small bag for Scarlett as she is having her first overnighter at my nan’s house, ever. My mom and I have tickets to the Part-Time working mummy’s show in Birmingham Saturday so we’ve booked a hotel for Friday as the show is 10:30. It’ll be good fun. We’re going to drive up at 7pm after the traffic dies down. We will be back in the afternoon on Saturday.

I’m in bed now. I’m quite tired. Not sure why. I’ve slept pretty well this week.



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