Traffic, freezing temps and possibilities

Monday my mom got stuck at work because her car was frozen. The temperature overnight had dropped to -1. She had to defrost her car then she got stuck in traffic picking me up from home. She didn’t get to me until 7:50 then we had to drive to my work which can be done in about 10 minutes on a good day. We hit traffic between Home and Work. I was 10 minutes late to work. My manager had a massive go at me (even tho I had previously forewarned this might happen on days when my mom works the night and had asked above her to someone higher if it was possible to have some leeway of up to 15 minutes late, being made up during lunch which was Okay-ed). I informed of all this and all I got was “fix it or leave”. Wonderful support for a lone parent working full time. The only reason I rely on my mom for a lift is due to the bus company changing the bus timetable for the only bus that gets me to work. It use to pick me up from town at 7:35 and I’d get to work at 7:50 (perfectly adequate). But a few weeks before I returned from maternity they changed it to 7:55 pick up getting me at work for 8:10. I asked 13 months ago if I could make up the 10 minutes in my lunch and was told a flat No. So my alternative has been getting a lift. But my mom works night shifts. 9:30pm till 7:30am. I start work at 8. It is what it is.

I was so angry so I’m glad I spent my morning in training meetings. Kept me occupied.

I’ve been job hunting since January. So you can imagine my frustration as each passing month goes by. I’ve had only 3 interviews in that time. I’ve actually got 2 this week. One is a telephone interview for a role within my company but a different department and based in a different city. Then I have a proper interview in the next town during my lunch break on Thursday!

Tuesday my mom tried to call me to say she was stuck at work and could I ask my Grandad to take me to work. But I always have my phone on Do Not Disturb until I turn it off. So she ended up calling my nan who had just picked Scarlett up. My Grandad said he’d pick me up. So he did, at 7:45 and I managed to get to work for 7:58.

It was my remaining team member’s last day today. We were a team of 3 and 1 manager. Now it’s just me from tomorrow onwards. Fun times!

Scarlett has had her first official day in the new room downstairs at nursery. Now she’s in the 2-4 years room. She loved it apparently. She came back from Nursery speaking so clearly already. She now says more rather than Muh lol

My nan called me when I was dishing up my dinner. I called her back whilst eating and she said she was trying to connect her laptop to her new WiFi box but couldn’t remember how. I can’t explain things I can’t see so I had her video call me on her phone and show me her screen. It didn’t take us long to connect it lol

I’m in bed watching Lucifer. I’m going to try and get an early night because I’m going to be busy tomorrow. I did a lot of importing tasks today and they’ll need activating and generating tomorrow. It’ll be Day 1 of being the lone member. Wish me luck!



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