Attacked by the car boot

Monday was tough. I really didn’t want to get up when my alarm went off. On the upside, due to the clocks going back an hour, it was brighter outside at 7am. But on the downside, it was dark outside when I left work at 5pm. I managed to get all my 250+ hourly steps and I hit over 5K steps during lunch. For the first time in a long time I ventured outside for a walk. I had a headache so I thought the fresh air might help. It did surprisingly. And in 20 minutes I walked 2.5 thousand steps. Which brought up my total to over my 5K target so that was good. I came back to my desk and watched some TV whilst I ate my lunch.

After work Scarlett was so funny. We were playing this game where I run behind, chasing her and she was running away squealing in laughter. I’d catch her then I’d run away. She climbed on to my mom to get away but I got her again. She was giggling like a loon. Mom did our dinner. Scarlett helped us eat. Even though she’d had hers at Nursery already. Greedy. She went to bed at 7. Mom and I watched Emmerdale. I washed up our dishes then I carved our pumpkins. I wasn’t going to. I hate the squishiness. But I did and they weren’t half bad.

Tuesday was Halloween. Scarlett wore her costume. She managed to keep her black sparkly bow on most of the day. I was impressed by that. Someone at work upset me via email. They insinuated that I can’t do my job properly and require help. Absolutely ridiculous and totally unwarranted. I escalated it up higher as I refuse to be spoken to like that. I’m not paid enough to be disrespected. Left me feeling shitty all day. I was so close to just walking out. I’m going to be the only member of my team left in a week. It stresses me out just thinking about it.

After work we popped to Tesco’s extra. I needed a drink after my shitty day and we had no alcohol in the house. We got home at quarter 6. I put some dinner on for me and Scarlett. We ate then I bathed her. She had her bottle and was in bed by 7:30. I had a quick shower then I settled down to watch some TV. There’s not much on that I watch at the moment. I watched a new episode of Once upon a time. It’s on every Tuesday. I got into bed at 9 and just played my game.

Wednesday I woke up at 6am because Scarlett woke up. I could heard her talking to herself. I looked on the monitor and she was playing with her baby doll. I didn’t want to get up at 6am so I laid in bed. She must’ve dropped back off because when I next looked at the monitor she was laid down. My alarm went off at 7. I got up and got half dressed (my trousers were downstairs) then I went in and dressed Scarlett. She’s so funny in the mornings. She’s usually so happy and today she was happy. Her new thing is saying light and wanting to turn it off. She went to bed at 7 like normal. I had my dinner then I watched some tele. I climbed into bed quite early. Think it was 10pm. I’ve had a headache for a few days that won’t budge.

Thursday (today) Scarlett woke me up at 4am. Then when I was putting the spare car seat in my moms car, the boot hit me on the head. So now I fear I may have a concussion. Not really. But seriously it hurt a little when it whacked me on the head. I ended up throwing the car seat on the backseat and jumping in the car with the major hump (and headache).

I got to work 6 minutes late. I’m always late on days when my mom has done a night shift as she doesn’t leave work till 7:30 and what is usually an 8 minute journey for her, takes longer in the morning traffic. So now I’m at my desk popping pills for the head and debating on whether I really need my job as I just wanna go home. I need to feed my toddler so I guess I have to stick it out! I have Dentist at 12:30 so that gives my head a break from the computer for a while.



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