No one wants to hire me

Monday I had to stay home because Scarlett had me up all night. And when I woke her up at 7 she had a fever. She slept all morning. In the afternoon we ventured out for fresh air and to run some errands. We had lunch then did some shopping before heading to my nan’s for a quick cuppa. We went back home and had some dinner then I bathed Scarlett and put her to bed.

I finally got an email about the interview I had 2.5 weeks ago for a HR role in my company. It was a firm No thanks lol I apply to jobs all the time and so far, nothing. It’s really frustrating!

I really struggled to sleep that night because I had fell asleep in the day when Scarlett had napped, by mistake.

Tuesday was very long at work because I was so tired as I hadn’t slept that much overnight. Scarlett had kept me up by coughing every hour. Had a meeting at work about loading the Air service line to Maximo. So much to do before we can load it.

Wednesday was the 25th. Scarlett is 21 months old. She’s stil teething her big teeth, so that’s fun. Her hair is so much longer each month. She’s finished swimming lessons and now had her ears pierced. She’s so cheeky. She says so many words every day. Some are more “repetitive” and some are repeated once or twice at most. But she’s getting there. She still says “love you”, which gets me every time!

Thursday (today) I was tired at work again. I survived my day. My dad has had an operation on his hip so he’s currently at my local hospital for a few days. He lives an hour away. But works locally to me so he’s only ever around on lunch. So as he’s so nearby I said I’d pop in and see him. So me and Scarlett had dinner. She had a bath and got ready for bed. At 7 my mom dropped us at the hospital. We stayed for an hour then we got picked up. He looked okay. He’s just really tired. A mixture of being awake since like 5/6am and the drugs he’s been given. He’ll probably feel more like himself tomorrow.

Scarlett went to bed at 9 and I jumped in the shower. After I was ready for bed I caught up on the 2 episodes of Emmerdale then I climbed into bed. I’m hoping to nod off soon and fingers crossed she doesn’t cough as much tonight. In theory I could turn the monitor off or volume down. But the thought of not hearing her cry and her crying to herself makes me sad so I’ll suffer the coughing lol

Work tomorrow. Saturday morning we’re going to Gravity Tots at 9am for an hour. She should love it. But we’ll see. Then I’m going to take her into Woking for some shopping and lunch etc. I love our little girlie trips together.