Crazy weather

For October our weather has been up and down. We entered the month in mild conditions. At one point it was 20 degrees. Hardly autumn/winter weather, right? It started raining the other day but it was still like 19 degrees. Humid and weird.

Monday at work was busy. Watched series finale of Liar and then something else before heading to bed.

Tuesday my mom went out so I had the TV to myself for the evening. 

Wednesday I helped my team leader train a bunch of coworkers on how to use our database system. The bare minimum. They don’t need to know much. It’s more of a general “how it works”. They will only have read-only type access. So that was a busy day because afterwards I spent the day catching up on emails.

Thursday [today] I just can’t be assed today. I am going to go home, have dinner, sort Scarlett and once she’s in bed I am going to watch Emmerdale in bed then lay down and read my book that I started ages ago.

This weekend I aim to get Scarlett’s ears pierced, sort my room out and sort hers too. She has so many clothes that are too small that need bagging up and taking down the charity shop. I could’ve kept all her outfits, and put them in storage, for baby number 2 but for many reasons I won’t keep them. 1 – because I don’t think I want any more kids 2 – I don’t know if I can have anymore kids and 3 – I might even have a girl next time IF I have anymore anyway. So it’s just hoarding for no reason.