Well Croup sucks balls

Monday signalled the start of Emmerdale’s exciting storyline. I love it. Scarlett went to bed and we caught up on tele. Mom was home as she wasn’t working.

Tuesday morning Scarlett was really grumpy and she was coughing, her nose was running. I suspected she was coming down with her first cold of the year. She went off to nursery and I went to work. The finale of Doctor Foster was on. I watched it alone as mom was at work. It ended really weirdly. Scarlett woke up coughing and crying at 11pm. She didn’t settle until almost 1am.

Wednesday when I woke her up for nursery/work at 7:15 she was feverish, coughing and crying. I made the decision to keep her off nursery due to the fever [the nursery wouldn’t have taken her anyway]. I phoned work and then the nursery. I gave her some calpol, a bottle and some breakfast. She didn’t eat much. I managed to get her a doctor’s appointment. We set off at 9:15 for our 9:30am appointment. The doctor said it was viral, her throat looked sore and she still had a fever of 38.3 even after having calpol. She said if symptoms worsen or breathing changes, bring her back or ring 111. We went to my nan’s house as she lives near the doctor’s. We had a cup of tea then I put her down for a nap. When she woke up I gave her lunch but she wasn’t overly keen on eating. We had dinner then mom dropped me at Gravity Force for my team’s pre-arranged bounce date for Amelia’s birthday/leaving do. We jumped, it was tiring but a laugh. I got stuck in the foam pit. I jumped in and it took me 5 minutes to climb back out. I think I expelled more energy trying to get out than I did jumping lol I got home at 7:15. My mom said Scarlett had cried all the way home in the car, whinged from when they got home, to bath time to bed time. She was still feverish so she had given her some calpol and nurofen before bed. Scarlett woke up crying and coughing about 3 times before the final time at 11ish. She woke up and she could not breathe. She was really distressed. I phoned 111 for advice and they told me to take her to the hospital. So at 11:45 we got in a taxi to the hospital. We arrived at the ED and were told to go to the children’s ED waiting room. She was seen by triage within’ half hour. They said it seemed like a bad case of croup. She was given some medication to ease her symptoms then we were sent back to the waiting room, to await a doctor. We were called to a bed on the ED ward. They want to observe her and make sure the medication has worked. So we sat for 2 hours on a hospital bed. They said I could take some toys/books from the waiting room for her to play/read with. So I grabbed 2 books. We read, we watched teletubbies on my iPhone and I just kept giving her water to get fluids down her. At 3am they said she was much better and they were happy with her progress so they released us. My mom came from work to pick us up and drop us home then she went back to work. She said she would call nursery and work tomorrow if I send her the numbers. So I did that, I got Scarlett a bottle, some calpol and nurofen then I put her to bed. I climbed into bed at 4am. We slept until 9:30am.

Thursday we got up at 9:30am. She had a nappy change, a bottle and some meds. We played for a bit but she was still really tired so I took her back to bed at 10:30. We slept until half 12. I made us lunch. She ate more than the day before. We decided to get some fresh air so at 3ish we went to my Nan’s for a cup of tea. We left and headed home. Scarlett had dinner, bath, meds, bottle and bed. She was asleep by 7. She was still tired from our impromptu hospital visit. I caught up with Bitten on Netflix. Mom went to her boyfriend’s. She came back later. Scarlett woke up at 11 again, just as I was going to bed. She asked to sleep with me in my bed so I let her. She’s sick, I’m not going to say No lol

Friday she woke up at 5am. I put her in her own bed and she went to straight back to sleep. I laid for ages. I must’ve dozed off because my alarm went off at 7. I got myself sorted, finished packing for Brett’s house and then I got her up. She did not want to get up. But she did. I made her a bottle and gave her some meds then Mom dropped me at work.

I am on lunch watching Lucifer atm. Got an interview upstairs in HR at 2:30. They will either like me or they won’t. We’ll see.



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