Hurricane Irma

I try not to discuss too much in detail about my friends. Privacy is paramount for a lot of people. However I would just like to say that my friend Rachel, a work colleague until recently, was in Cuba on holiday when Hurricane Irma hit. Suffice it to say, her and her partner had a very tough ride. They were evacuated from their original hotel, travelling 9 hours by coach. The new hotel they were at, the windows had to be boarded as the ferocious winds were going to bring them smashing inwards. Some even did as far as I know. They were holed up for days before managing to get a flight home. Well almost home. They flew into a different airport 3 hours away but thankfully arrived in one peace and are now back home, properly.

They are lucky they survived. Not everyone across the places it hit survived. It must’ve been so scary for them. The people they booked through, Thompson I think, were useless and they’re going to file a complaint. The only reason they were evacuated and got a flight home was down to the brilliant locals in the hotel etc.

I’m saddened by the aftermath of the Hurricane and wish I could do something to help. Being on the other side of the pond limits my power I guess.



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