Bad neck

Well I finished watching season 1 of The Returned on Netflix. It’s really good. It’s kept me interested to the point of wanting another season lol

I’ve hurt my back. Well my shoulders. And neck. My neck was killing me for 2 days. I must’ve slept funny. Today was much better. But still got a bit of a dull ache so hasn’t fully gone yet.

I follow a lot of “random” people on instagram. Some of them are just other bloggers or “parent friends” and some are “celebrities”. I seem to follow quite a lot of pregnant women. And one I’ve been following has been making me cringe slightly. She’s pregnant with her first. She’s only about 20 weeks. She has been letting the baby “listen” to this “baby genius” app thing. Now I know there’s research into this sort of thing and people do believe it helps their intelligence and do actively let them listen. But personally I find it very weird and also babies will be either be intelligent or not, regardless of doing that. It’s just one of them things. And watching her videos of her with her iPad next to her bump (which btw isn’t a bump coz she is so skinny and I actually look 7 months pregnant myself and I’m not) and it just made me cringe with embarrassment. I’m not judging her btw. Each to their own. And there’s legit nout wrong with doing it. I just can’t even lol

But also a lot of the pregnant first timers on my feed just sound so naive. We were all like that. I know. I look back at myself and there was certain things I purchased I didn’t need and things I said etc. And I cringe at that now. Because I know better now I’m on this side of it. I am a parent. I’ve lived some of the parenting life. I bought some mad shit coz people told me to and I never used it. It got sold on lol so if I’m lucky enough (and actually want) to have more children, I think I know what I will and won’t do/say/buy.

A “seasoned” mom friend of my mine helped me when I was pregnant. She told me a lot of things to avoid etc and it’s down to her that I didn’t waste even more money etc. But I tried to impart the same wisdom on a pregnant girl at work and she got very defensive and told me to mind my business. Which is fair enough I guess. But did make me chuckle because I was trying to do her a favour and she will realise this in 6 months time. But oh well. Good luck to her.

Finally read another book. I finished reading In The Wind (Out of the Box #2). I love that series. I think I already purchased a few of them on Amazon kindle.

Going out for dinner tomorrow with my mom and some of her old work pals. They haven’t met Scarlett yet so should be a good catch up.



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