Almost September

Well last weekend was a Bank Holiday weekend. We didn’t have a lot planned.

Saturday I took Scarlett to town for a mummy-daughter lunch date. I had her feet measured at Clarks. She was a 3F in March and she is now a 4G. Her feet have grown!!! My little weed is growing lol not surprised with the amount she eats. After Clarks we went to Poppins for lunch. Scarlett had a burger and chips, same as me. She wasn’t able to sit in a highchair as they were all occupied so she sat in the booth with me. She sat SO well for her age. I was so impressed with her, my heart swelled.

After we ate lunch we did some shopping and I bought her some new trainers and some wellies. I also got her some sandals as September is meant to be a sunny month. We got on the bus and went to my Nan’s. We ended up there for dinner. We had KFC but the idiots forgot to give us our drink when we left so I had to walk back in with the receipt to ask for it. Then we got back and they had forgotten our 2 sides. Bloody morons. Kind of glad I don’t have KFC often. It doesn’t agree with my bowels. They get angry lol

Sunday we had planned to meet my mummy friend, her husband and their toddler, M. They were stuck in traffic but we managed to meet at Frimley Lodge for 1pm [ish]. We had lunch at the café and the toddlers got reacquainted with each other. They haven’t since each other since M’s 1st birthday party in February. A lot changes in 6 months. Bacl then M was walking but Scarlett wasn’t quite there. We ate our lunch, did nappy changes and then we walked to the play area. There was sand so off came the shoes. Scarlett has only been on sand once before, last year when she was about 9 months old [technically half her life ago]. She was okay but it’s hard to walk on sand lol

We went to the fields and found a shaded part. It was really hot. The girls took it in turns of sitting between my legs. Scarlett got a bit jealous of M sitting near me haha was cute. We left the lodge at 4ish. My grandad picked me and Scarlett up as we had a dinner waiting for us. I put Scarlett down for a nap and when she was up we ate our dinner together. We went home and Scarlett had a bath, bottle and bed like usual.

Monday we had no plans except for going food shopping. We decided to go at 11am and then when we got back Scarlett went for a nap. She wake until almost 2pm. MOm was dropping my brother somewhere so we bundled in the car and she dropped me and Scarlett at my Nan’s. My nan was out all day so she had asked if I would go in for half hour and let the dog get some fresh air. I stayed about an hour then mom picked us up. We went to the chemist to speak to a pharmacist about Scarlett’s bumpy rash but as it was a Bank Holiday none were open except the 24hr Boots one at Farnborough Gate Retail Park. So we asked there and they guy said it “could be chicken pox” but as there are so few of them, he can’t say for sure and suggested I see a GP. We were next to food places so we had dinner as we had kind of skipped lunch. Scarlett ate lots and was so good with her cup and straw. I think she has finally gotten the hang of it and doesn’t “tip” it as much as she use to lol as I knew I’d need to take her to the doctor’s Tuesday, I text my manager to let her know I’d have to be home Tuesday. She was fine with it and said she’d let my TL know [as it was just going to be me and my TL in this week, the other 2 are on annual leave lucky buggers].

Tuesday I got up at 7:30am. My doctor’s surgery opens at 8am so I waited and then called. It took me 15 minutes of clicking “call back” and a further 15 minutes of being on hold until I got through. They had an emergency appointment for 9:20am available so we took that. I gave Scarlett breakfast, fed her and then we walked to her appointment. The doctor said it looked like she had a viral infection [some long winded name] and it would go on its own. So no Chicken Pox for us. Yay lol we didn’t want her to be spotty for our holiday in 2 weeks!!! The doc looked at her swollen eye and confirmed it was a stye as previously suspected. She says it should go down on its own, but to put a farm clean flannel on it as a compress once or twice a day to help aid it. But she’s a toddler so she probably won’t sit still long enough. I did try it at bed time and she sat fine so that is great. She is such a good-natured child, I can’t believe how lucky I am. After doctor’s we stopped by my grandparent’s as they live near it. We ended up staying almost the whole day. I put Scarlett down for a nap at 10:30am and she woke up at 12:30 when my Dad popped in on his lunch hour. When he went to leave an hour later, she went down the garden hand in his hand and wanted to go with him. Which is great considering she doesn’t see him as often as she should.

We went home at about 5ish. Mom cooked sausage and mash. I do love that. Scarlett had it too. She is quite partial to having the same food as us now. I can rarely get away with giving her something different haha she knows, she isn’t silly.

Wednesday my first day back after an extra long Bank Holiday was a very busy day. I didn’t stop doing stuff all day. Usually we have quiet periods. We fill out these task trackers to keep track of tasks, ironically. My task tracker was 20+ lines deep and all different colours. It’s never usually like that lol it’s good being busy though. Scarlett and I had garlic and herb tortellini with a cheese sauce for dinner. She ate most of it and then asked for a banana, which she shared with my mom. She then went to bed. She was asleep by 7:30 but when I went upstairs at 8:30 she was whinging, she must’ve woke up. So I went in and gave her a big cuddle and then we FaceTimed Brett so he could say Hello to her as he missed her before bedtime. She stayed up for 20 minutes then I put her back down and she went back to sleep. She thought she was incredibly clever for sitting on Nann’y bed after bed time lol

Thursday [today] I had an awful nights sleep last night. I feel like I haven’t slept much. Just on lunch at work. Thank god. I accidentally left my sunbite crisps at home so I had NO SNACK so I was HANGRY beyond believe until now.



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