19 months today!


So this little monkey is 19 months old today. Gosh where has the time gone. It won’t be long and she’ll be celebrating her 2nd birthday. She has learned so much in the last few months. She can adequately [mostly] use an open cup and straw. She says more words as the weeks go by. She learned to say Po and Dipsy whilst we were in Italy. She also says two words together, such as “Ta grandad” or “Hiya mama” or her new one “Love you” – which comes out as “uv oo”. Her feet have grown. I am convinced so I am taking her for another measuring tomorrow. She was a 3F in March, so I wonder how much they’ve grown in almost 6 months!!! She has travelled via an aeroplane since her last monthly update. She has been to Italy. She visited Verona, Venice and Rome. We brought back souvenirs for her memory box. I aim to take her abroad once a year every year. I want her to experience different cultures and be able to say “I’ve been here, here, here and here”. Her hair is so blonde now. In different lights it looks darker but it is so light. Her hair fits her lovely blue eyes. And she has such inquisitive expressions, she makes me laugh. I am taking her out for the day tomorrow. A mummy-daughter day. Shopping, food, laughs [and having her feet measured]. Should be a nice day for us.



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