Day 1 in Verona

So the day got better. Surviving on just 1 hours sleep was not good for me, for Scarlett or for my relationship. But after we went to the supermarket we came back and I put Scarlett down after her lunch. She got back up and we played and coloured. She was still catching up on her sleep so she went back down. And she stayed down for about an hour. Brett and I had a random mid-afternoon shower and we made up over the grouchiness between us. It's amazing what tiredness does to you. So we showered and had a laugh like two young people should do. Scarlett woke up before we were dressed so she "helped" me find my clothes. Which basically just means she kept pulling clean stuff out of my suitcase lol bless her!

We got sorted and headed out for dinner. We took a stroll trying to find an ATM that accepts my money card and there's one just outside our building so that's good to know. We ended up in a little pizzeria nearby. We had pizza and Scarlett ate some. She was knackered by the time we'd finished eating so we grabbed a quick drink in a bar then headed back home. Brett got her ready for bed and I put her down with a bottle. Then I grabbed our sweets and drinks and came in the bedroom so we could watch a film. We ended up talking instead. About judo. He was showing me some moves and we rolled about a bit laughing because I'm too short limbed to grab like he does which just ruins my attempts at any moves haha

He's fell asleep now and I'm just catching up with my girls and then I'm going to bed.



Blogging from Verona!

I only managed an hours sleep last night. Then mom woke me up at 2am to say we were leaving soon so I got up, got dressed and woke Brett up. This took many attempts, lots of "babe get up" and him saying "I AM up" whilst laid on my bed with his damn eyes shut. 20+ minutes it took of me back and forth for him to get the fuck up. Scarlett was up, clean nappy and shoes on before he surfaced. So that had me annoyed. We journeyed to Stanstead airport. He snoozed the entire way. Maybe not full on sleep but still, he rested. We went through the bag drop – self service with step-by-step which was fab.
We walked to the departures for passport checking and hand luggage etc. I went first and they failed to tell me that they meant everything in general not just everything in my bag. So that meant her blanket and my Fitbit. And I didn't know they wanted her blanket to go through until I had already stepped away to go through the metal detector and the guy kindly told me to put it in the box but my box was gone so I had to queue up behind someone whilst Brett and Scarlett went through. So that annoyed me too. They should be more clear. I haven't flown in 9 years, I can't remember what happens. This is practically new to me.
So anyway I'm done, I grab my stuff the other end and we head towards the gates and everything else. We stop at WHSmith for drinks on the plane and then we walk to the screens. Our gate hasn't been put up yet so we sit down for a bit. Then Brett points out Giraffe and says we should eat something. So I order some toast, which I share with Scarlett. And he has a fry up. Once we finish eating, we pay and head to the toilets. I take Scarlett in for a nappy change and then I hand her to Brett so I could go pee myself. By now it's 6am so we need to get our butts moving. Our gate is now on the screen and it's 58 so off we go. We go through priority queuing and are on the Tarmac quite quickly. The stroller is collapsed down and put on the little truck thing. We queue. Sit on the plane for a bit then finally at 7:15am we set off.
Scarlett fussed on take off but she quickly settles and slept for the whole flight and only woke up because I needed a wee so I had to hand her to Brett (which meant waking him and we all know what a fan of that he is).
We touched down just before 10am (Verona time). Wasn't long from arrival to passport check to luggage retrieval. We then caught a taxi from the airport to our apartment in Piazza Pozza. Our host Giovanna greeted us and showed us our apartment. Where everything is. Got out the local map and marked everything that's a "must-see" and how to get there. She also left a welcome basket which was great because Scarlett was famished at this point. After the left, and Scarlett had eaten, I wiped her face, took her shoes off and laid her in the cot. She's been quiet for ages so I assume she's asleep. Brett went in the bedroom not long after her, I think he's asleep. Because he must be so tired *eye roll*.

When they wake up we are going to walk round the corner to the supermarket to grab a few items for breakfast tomorrow and Sunday then we'll have a wander.


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