1 sleep until Italy

Got up this morning for work. Mom made us breakfast then we dropped Scarlett off then dropped me to work. I had my 1-to-1 meeting. We have these monthly. It was mostly a moan about how unsettled things still are, 6 months on from the change over.

I left work at 12:15 to get on the bus to town at 12:32. It didn't show up until almost 1pm. So annoying. And by the time I got to town mom had finished work so she met me straight there. We had lunch together then I grabbed the few last minute bits I needed. After we were done we headed to my nan's. I expected Scarlett to be napping but she was awake when we got there. We left after we had a cup of tea. Mom went up to bed as she was tired and she's driving us up the airport at 2am lol me and Scarlett watched some tele and played some games. She was very cheeky and I had to keep telling her off for things. I tried to put her down for a nap but she wasn't down for that apparently lol she had her dinner and was just finished when Brett turned up. He did bath time and then we ordered pizza. I put her to bed after we ate and she went straight down. This was about 8pm. I had a shower at about 9ish then I came downstairs to watch some tele. Mom went to bed at 11 and I watched Midnight, Texas and now I'm laid in bed. I don't even think I'll sleep before having to get back up but we'll see lol

1 more sleep!!!



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