2 sleeps until Italy

Forgot to say yesterday that the nursery phoned me at 10am to say Scarlett had banged her head. They didn't want her picked up, just wanted to let me know. It's a lovely bruise lol

I was late to work this morning, even though we were up on time. Time just got lost somewhere. Only late by a few minutes. Was soaking wet outside, had been raining all night.

I walked into the reception area at work and was rummaging in my bag for my pass as I passed the reception desk. The lady said "morning", to which I replied "morning" and carried on walking and rummaging. Next thing, she's yelled "HELLO?" I turned around and went "excuse me?" Because how rude is that. To yell at someone. Across a room like that. We could've had clients sat waiting for a meeting. So unprofessional. She went "I said morning", to which I replied "Yes, so did I" and then I walked off, pass in hand and into my office. It really irritated how rude she was. What a great start to my day!

I had a busy morning then a slow afternoon. I was suppose to have a telephone interview at 1pm but I totally forgot and then I remembered it was for a job too far away so I figured it was a sign I shouldn't bother pursuing it.

After work we came home and I gave Scarlett the leftovers of her dinner from my nan's house. She had a cup of tea. We all did. I bathed her and then put her to bed at 7. She messed about for a bit. And I had to go up a few times and sort her out but she eventually went to sleep. I had my dinner and now I'm watching Salem! #obsessed

2 sleeps until Italy. Getting real now. Brett's here tomorrow. He says he's aiming to arrive for 1/2pm.



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