3 sleeps until Italy

3 sleeps till we jet off. And only 2 sleep until Brett is here!!!

Brett got the hump because I looked up my bites on the NHS website and it seemed they are Bed Bug Bites. He thinks I am calling him dirty. All I did was inform him what I suspected them to be as I clearly got bit at his house. I never once said he was dirty or unclean etc. 

Scarlett didn’t sleep at all during the day apparently. Which explains why she was acting like a whingy little moo when I got in from work. Everything was a chore for her. “Scarlett, say Ta for your cuppa tea” *proceeds to throw herself on the floor and cry*. Honestly it was exhausting. She was bath and in bed by 7. I caught her stood up in her cot, reaching into the drawer of her unit next to her cot and taking out nappies. She laid them in a pile, the head end of her cot, so maybe for a pillow? Either way, it was funny. So I went up and removed them and told her to lie down. She did and was flat out asleep within 10 minutes. I had dinner after Emmerdale then I watched Salem. I decided I wanted to have a nice hot bath so I loaded up Salem on my iPad and got in the bath. I watched 1 episode then washed my hair and got out.

I am just in bed now. Don’t fancy watching another episode. Work tomorrow!!



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