4 sleeps until Italy

Monday. I hate Monday’s. It’s not Monday’s fault. I just can’t seem to get my “work head” on straight until Tuesday rolls in. However that said, I did get up and eat breakfast and dress before Scarlett woke so I consider this a success as sometimes I have to sort her before I can do anything. And doing anything with her trailing behind me is harder and takes double the time, hence why we are late sometimes. Nonetheless, I was at work on time. I had an okay day. After work mom picked me up so we could go last minute holiday shopping. We went to ASDA because it is bigger and has a better choice of toiletries and holiday bits. Usually we go to Morrison’s. I got some nappies and all her baby milk. We picked up a pizza and garlic bread for dinner. I also got some bite cream and antihistamines. These bites are driving me insane!!!!

After shopping we went home and Mom bathed Scarlett whilst I put the dinner on. When she was done I made her a bottle and put her to bed whilst it cooked. We ate our dinner watching Emmerdale, then Corrie [mom wanted to]. After Corrie she went upstairs because I was watching Salem and she won’t watch it [wimp].

Only 4 sleeps until Italy. How mad is that? This time next week we will be in Rome. I managed to wrangle a half day for Thursday. I asked and was lucky to be granted it. I mean, don’t ask don’t get. It will help tremendously as I need to pop to the bank to transfer some funds from my other saving account into my main. I can’t do it on the app as I don’t have internet banking for that saving account and it’s not linked to my current account lol I think I have £250/300 in there. I won’t take it all. I’ll leave some for a rainy day.



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