I am recently looked into Bullet Journals. I thought it might be for me. I figured that because I like to be organised, and write things down, [and lists!!!!] then BuJo would work for me. Apparently not. I did my research online. I found a lot of templates to either print and use or copy from or just great tips in general [see here]. I bought a notebook, some pens and some washi tape. I set about giving it a go but it was soon very clear to me that I simply do not have the creativity nor the inclination to physically write.

As much as I love a list, BuJo isn’t for me. However I would love to know any other ways to keep track of everything????

I tend to forget things if my iPhone doesn’t jump at me with reminders lol


I use google drive a lot. I upload my entire camera roll each week and then I delete from my phone to free up storage space. I have folders for everything. Scarlett has her own folder. And inside that is ones for her first year, then her second year, then milestones and then pregnancy stuff. As you can see above, I have her second year separated by months [her first year is the same]. This helps me search for a picture as I usually know roughly when it was taken.

I can’t believe we are already in August. It is my birthday in 2 weeks exactly today!!!!







1 week to go till Italy

Can’t believe it is only 1 weeks till we jet off to Italy. 7 days. 7 days!!!!!!!!!!!! Can you tell I am excited?

It is Brett’s brother’s birthday today. I sent a card in the week, from Scarlett. Even though we are going there tonight. Just felt less hassle because at least I know he already has it.

We went for dinner last night. I had buttermilk fried chicken. I love it!!!!!! It was good catching up with my brother. He has expressed interests in wanting to move back home. I don’t think this is a good idea. He will just end up just as unhappy here as he clearly is at his Dad’s. But it’s not my choice apparently. My mom says he can move back if he gets a job back home, before moving. So yeah.

We got home at 7:30. I bathed Scarlett then put her to bed. We watched Emmerdale then I decided to get in to bed. I had a headache. I think I switched my phone off at 10:30.

Today I woke at 6am desperate for a pee. I never wake up usually lol I got up at 7. Mom dressed Scarlett whilst I looked for leftover items to pack for Brett’s house. We headed out at 7:30. Today Scarlett wasn’t being dropped at nursery by my Nan. My mom said she would do it, so she came for the ride to my work with me. I gave her a kiss before I headed into my office. She was waving at me lol

Just on lunch watching Salem now.