9 days to go

Yes I am doing that annoying countdown that I usually do for events like my birthday or Christmas etc. We have 9 days till we jet off to Italy. I ordered a bunch of things on Amazon on Monday. 3 of them came Tuesday. I had ordered a medium sized suitcase, a toiletries bag [that hangs up with a plastic hook] and 4 medium sizes reusable silicone toiletry bottles [for shampoo etc].

The little bag was a good idea as we can hang it in the apartment bathroom so it is out of the way of the toddler lol the suitcase is big enough but not too big as we’ll need to drag it on the train a few times whilst away. The reusable bottles are the best idea ever. I can take my fave conditioner with me for my hair. *Happy Dance*

I am just watching Emmerdale. It is on for an hour tonight. Didn’t realise until it went to the second break and it didn’t have then end credits. Doh! lol



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